Justice - †
Jun 22, 2023
Álbum swap con @tioib, gracias por la recomendación :D

Omg it’s one dollar Daft Punk (not really), but seriously there are no actual similarities between these two bands and I can tell that they’re going for different directions of French House and this was actually a really awesome listening experience. I’ve never heard of this band before but I have seen this album cover many times, so my expectations for this album were very high because the only thing I knew about this record was that it was a French House album, and my only reference for this genre is Daft Punk which is a band that I like very much and the music itself is amazing for the most part because it’s just music that you put when you wanna have a good time dancing or doing an physical activity like running or exercise, and this album is simply just pure fun and viby.

The production is amazing, it sounded like if Daft Punk had a baby with Sweet Trip just because it has some glitchy elements throughout the record but there are not too overused and it complimented the pacing of the songs, the hooks are very fun and danceable and the overall arrangement of samples and beats are fantastic. It’s one of those records that you put when you feel like moving or when you wanna concentrate because the majority of the songs doesn’t have any vocal work and it’s just primarily instrumental it’s easy to be invested in the vibe and atmosphere that it brings without thinking about it too much and I love that because music can be heard just for fun and not only for analyzing for artistic purposes. Overall, this is an amazing experience and I’d like if more people listen to it because even tho Daft Punk is great there’s more French House you can enjoy.

If you want to start listening to more french and electro house, I recommend checking out the work of Mr. Oizo, another contemporary of both Daft Punk and Justice, quite distinct from the two of them though
jajaj nunca falla este álbum como recomendación, me alegro que te haya gustado!
@Hexo thanks for the recommendations ;)
@tioib gracias por recomendarlo :D cuando pueda checo el resto que me mencionaste
@eadpine ye it very gub
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