Happy Birthday - Happy Birthday
Hi, coming back from the grave xd

Just wanted to say that today is my birthday :D πŸŽ‰ and I was thinking of doing my 600 followers special review for this day but I’ve been busy dealing with some personal stuff so idk if I’ll come back to making reviews but at least I’m gonna try to finish my special review soon, That’s all, have a great day :D

Flying Lotus - Cosmogramma
It’s an amazing album experience that I wished it’d have been a lot better. I’ve seen this album a lot during my time on this site and also because of many YT videos recommending it, and it really peaked my curiosity to hear this so when searching further for this album I was very amassed by my the concept of being a map of the universe, which the music really fitted with the whole theme of listening to a bunch of collection of songs that made you feel like you’re going ... read more
The Flaming Lips - The Soft Bulletin
In terms of neo-psychedelia it’s a fantastic album but in my personal opinion and taste, it’s good but not great. The Flaming Lips is a name that I’ve heard a million times but I didn’t knew any song nor album of theirs until suddenly this album popped up in my radar and I decided to check it out, well the first album that I was gonna do was the next one called Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robot but I saw that this album was way more acclaimed and more loved than that one, ... read more
6ix9ine - Leyenda Viva
I wanna formally apologize on behalf of all Latin America for the creation of 6ix9ine, no es nuestra culpa que nació así de pendejo y que manden a chingar a su madre el reguetón.

Ok but seriously, I don’t mind if anyone likes reggaeton like I completely get that it’s not suppose to be profound nor artistic for that matter, it’s all about making people dance and having a good time. Yes, the lyrics are always the same about sex, love and money but ... read more

Gustavo Cerati - Bocanada
It’s argentine Dummy :O

Obviously I know who is Gustavo Cerati since I’ve heard Soda Stereo many times in my life, and it’s not a band that has interested me a lot because their overall sound is pretty null and bland to me and the only song I enjoy from them is De Música Ligera which is basically the latin american Smells Like Teen Spirit at this point xd just because it’s overplayed a lot here in Latin America and because like the Nirvana song it’s just ... read more

McKinley Dixon - Beloved! Paradise! Jazz​!​?
Welp, I can’t disagree with Fantano on this one. It shouldn’t be a surprise that I didn’t knew who this was until Melonhead reviewed it and gave it a 9, honestly I need to listen to more music xd and I’m saying this because throughout my whole life I was very close minded on listening to more modern music because I had the mindset of a boomer thinking that only music before the 2000s was only good and everything afterwards was dogshit, now with the number of albums and ... read more
Swans - The Beggar
Pretty much it’s what I expected to be, a Swans album indeed. It’s not an easy listen at all and it really took me a lot of time to process what I just heard so I’m gonna start talking about the band itself: Swans is a band which like Radiohead, I never cared for them in the slightest, and you may ask yourself why and it’s because it’s music that you really need a lot of patience and appreciation for the art itself instead of casually listening to music to evoque a ... read more
Sigur RΓ³s - ÁTTA
Holy shit, this was so fucking beautiful. Like I’m pretty much lost for words, Sigur Ros really came back very strong with this release since their previous album was 10 years ago, I couldn’t imagine waiting that long to listen to this new project but it was very worth the wait and I know that I’m speaking like if I’m a super huge fan of them since the only album I’ve heard was Ágætis byrjun but you have to understand that that album is amazing ... read more
νŒŒλž€λ…Έμ„ [Parannoul] - To See the Next Part of the Dream

I’m finally back with some more Parannoul and it was actually really nice. Perhaps this should have been the first album of Parannoul that I should have heard because it’s definitely an entry point of Parannoul’s sound which is this very shoegaze emo sound that I pretty much enjoyed when I heard After the Magic, but imo I prefer their latest release to this one ... read more

Justice - †
Álbum swap con @tioib, gracias por la recomendación :D

Omg it’s one dollar Daft Punk (not really), but seriously there are no actual similarities between these two bands and I can tell that they’re going for different directions of French House and this was actually a really awesome listening experience. I’ve never heard of this band before but I have seen this album cover many times, so my expectations for this album were very high because the only thing I knew ... read more

Death Grips - Interview 2016
Finally, the last project of my DG’s journey, it feels so satisfying to finally be over with this not because I hated it but because it was a lot of projects to go through and trying to say something different for each project individually when they all have a similar formula it’s really fucking exhausting, at least for me but coming back to the album itself, it was fine. I mean, it’s another instrumental album but with less songs and with more interesting beats and crazy ... read more
Queens of the Stone Age - In Times New Roman...
Honestly I wasn’t excited to listen to this project and after hearing this, my expectations are still the same. QOTSA is a band where I feel like they have 1 masterpiece and the rest of the discography is pretty much mid, and that’s something that really bothers me with this band specifically because I love SFTD but nothing else from their catalogue has lived up to the greatness of that album (yes, even Like Clockwork too, it’s a great album but SFTD rules) which pretty much ... read more
Death Grips - Gmail and the Restraining Orders
Is this what being in LSD feels like? Because wtf did I just hear? Finally I’m reaching at the last leg of DG’s catalogue so these are what you’d consider as “side quests” rather than “campaign missions”, so with that being said this was a pretty fucking weird experience to sit through. Everything sounded chaotic and unstable to the point where it felt like it was going nowhere, the production feels like a complete mess without giving any indication of ... read more
King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard - PetroDragonic Apocalypse; or, Dawn of Eternal Night: An Annihilation of Planet Earth and the Beginning of Merciless Damnation
Idk why but this didn’t do nothing for me, KG&TLW is one of those bands that I think you either get or don’t get it because to me most of their music tends to have a very good premise but when it comes to execution it’s where it throws me off very quickly because they like to idealize repetition in their writing and it can get really old very quickly when they do the same riff or same structure over and over again without releasing any tension or having a climax for the ... read more
Death Grips - Fashion Week
Now I get why Ride didn’t rap on this album, it’s because he fell asleep to it by how boring this album was :O. Ok kidding aside, there’s not much to say about this album since this is an instrumental record that sounds like leftover beats from previous albums but with less interesting arrangement nor composition, like I was hoping that the album be at least entertaining but it just felt like a drag to go through and I’m surprised this is 48 minutes long because for an ... read more
Death Grips - Government Plates
Am I missing something? Because to me this was a great album overall, but I get what people are coming from. Before I went into this album I noticed that this was a very divisive album where you either get it or don’t get it, which to me is very amusing because I can think of many albums of theirs where there are a lot of misses like Steroids or NOTM but to me this album doesn’t feel like it deserves the underwhelming reception that it gets. The production is amazing and I love the ... read more
Metallica - Ride the Lightning

I wanted to do a new review of this album for a couple of reasons:
1. My original review sucked ass xD
2. I just got my first turntable for vinyl LPs and this is my first album vinyl that I got, next to White Pony.
3. I never explained why I love this album and why is it one of my favorites of all time.

So let’s start from the beginning, Metallica is one of my favorites of all time since I was a kid and one of the first albums that I’ve heard in my life was The Black ... read more

Death Grips - Death Grips
Yeah honesty I could have skipped this one and it wouldn’t have made a difference on my DG’s discography journey, it’s not that it’s bad but it just 3 original songs and 3 songs that were later used in Exmilitary, which if I’d have known that only the half of the EP is only original work I would have listened to it in my spare time and not review it. But as I said in my Steroids review, I’ll listen to every single project of DG so to stay committed to my word ... read more
Lauryn Hill - The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill

Holy shit, I’m speechless. I won’t lie, I discovered this site because of Brad xD and I think many people have as well but one of the reasons I stayed is because of the UX that this site offered me, I love how you can follow other users and talk in shoutout boxes and how nice many people are on this site, and of course one of the most essential things I’ve stayed was writing reviews. I know I’m not the best review writer in anyway but ... read more

Death Grips - No Love Deep Web

I had to do that with this album cover (I should have done this when I had my Mezmerize pfp xd), but moving past that the album was underwhelming. For me it’s unbelievable that this came out after The Money Store because at least for me it sounds like something that they would do later on in their career just because it feels like a step back to a ... read more

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