Gojira - Fortitude
Apr 30, 2021 (updated May 4, 2021)
Gojira never miss!

Their new album “Fortitude” does not reach the heights of “From Mars to Sirius” or “The Way of All Flesh,” but it’s still a nice addition to their discography, and I wasn’t disappointed. The album continues to explore a more progressive and groove metal sound that was established on the band’s previous two albums. However, I wish the album was slightly heavier.

The opener “Born For One Thing” instantly raises the listener’s adrenaline and is a highlight. Another highlight is “New Found” which is reminiscent of their earlier albums. The title track is one of the oddest songs Gojira has made and it’s nice seeing the band still explore other sounds, but it’s just an interlude. It would have been nice if they tried to capture the ritualistic vibe on other songs. The track “Sphinx” stood out mainly because it has an anthemic sound without sounding cheesy. The closer “Grind” is one of the best songs off the album. The track is atmospheric but still aggressive. While the album is pretty solid, it’s inconsistent in terms of style. Parts of the album sound like Gojira trying to return to their original death metal sound while other tracks have a more progressive or sludge metal sound. This would be fine, but I feel like the tracklist could be arranged in any order and nothing would happen; the album feels uneven. There are also tracks like “Hold On” and “The Chant” that see Gojira at their most stale.

Overall, there are parts of this album that feel uneven, but with “Fortitude,” the band continues to add more great metal albums to their catalogue.
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