Apr 5, 2021 (updated May 4, 2021)
Journey Into Hip Hop No. 7-9: The Saturation Trilogy

Before I start... Yes I know I haven’t done this in a long time. I have been busy reviewing other albums, and I need to find parts of my day where I can dedicate an hour to focus all my attention on a rap album, but school has made that impossible. I have mainly stuck listening to earlier hip hop albums, but I wanted to listen to Brockhampton since they are dropping a new album soon and are incredibly popular. I’ll just review all three albums in one review because I don’t have that much to say for each album.

Saturation: 74
The first album in the trilogy is a strong start for Brockhampton. They seemed to have figured out their niche quickly. The first three tracks are a great start, but then the quality drops a little because there is some pop-rap filler. The album is inconsistent but still a blast to listen to.

Saturation II: 75
I mainly have the same issues with “Saturation II” as I do with “Saturation” because the album starts out very strong but then there is a dip in quality. While this is similar to their previous album, the band improved as a system, executing this album more cohesively.

Saturation III: 86
“Saturation III” is by far my favorite album of the trilogy. There is hardly any filler, and every track goes hard. The band is sharper than ever in terms of lyrical content, and the production is even more imaginative. Brockhampton may have grown on me between albums which could be why this album clicked more.

Average: 78

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