Lil Baby - Street Gossip
Jan 18, 2021
In my Opinion, this is the best piece of work Lil Baby has put out. His Choruses are some of the cleanest, verses are almost all great, he rides the beats really wonderfully(The production is mostly good)Baby sounds aggressive, confident, clear and really cocky but hard. Baby really put his heart into this and it shows. Idk why people like Harder than Ever over this. I can completely recommend this.
1. Global-7/10-Vocally on the chorus Baby sounds kinda drained like he is a little tired. But honestly these verses are really nice and hella clean. Baby really flows over these really well.
2. Pure cocaine-10/10-One of Baby’s greatest songs. Not much to argue about.
3. Crush a Lot-8/10-Lil baby just spends the entire run time just going off, really showing off his flows he is most known for. Really good verses again.
4. Time(Feat. Meek Mill)-8/10-I think the opening hook is quite weak, but baby really does pick it up really quickly. Meek definitely puts in a really good guest verse.
5. Ready(Feat. Gunna)-8/10-Both Gunna and Baby sound pretty confident and they ride this dark beat really great. Gunna puts in a great guest verse and baby does good too.
6. Word on the street-8/10-Baby like the previous tracks has a really great flow and is pretty relentless with it.
7. This week-7/10-The start of this song is kinda weak(Which is the chorus) but his verses remain confident, aggressive and strong like the previous ones.
8. Anyway(Feat. 2 Chainz and Gucci Mane)-8/10-Everyone here does really great, specifically 2 Chainz who definitely phones In the best verse on this song. Production is definitely built around the features too.
9. No Friends(Feat. Rylo Rodriguez)-5/10-Definitely the weakest song here. Baby does fine here but isn’t as catchy compared to the previous songs. Rylo just sounds like baby but mumbled.
10. Realest in it(Feat. Gucci mane and offset)-6/10-If I’m correct Gucci specifically spends his verse making a lot of references to famous people for some reason. Offset puts in a okay feature, far from his best. Baby definitely does the best here.
11. Section 8(Feat. Young Thug)-8/10-This is definitely a pretty average collab from the two rappers. But baby really puts in a nice chorus and a good verse. Thug also puts in a nice verse.
12. Chastised-8/10-This song definitely has a really strong chorus. Baby flows over the beat nicely. He puts in 2 good verses.
13. Dreams 2 reality(Feat. NoCap)-7/10-This is a nice little motivational song but I’ve never been a big fan of NoCap so he doesn’t add much to the song. Baby does put in a great verse tho.
Favorite songs:Pure cocaine, Crush a Lot,Time, ready, Word on the street, anyway, Section 8 and Chastised.

Least favorite songs:No Friends.

Final score: 98/130 .76
Jan 19, 2021
Love this review!! Glad to know that there's a Lil Baby project you enjoy, makes me really happy! :)
Jan 19, 2021
@cry It makes me happy to finally figure out why people love him so much. I really wished I listened to this sooner!:)
Jan 19, 2021
@Fieryley Glad to see that you eventually stumbled on it, better late than never! :)
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