Lil Yachty - Lil Boat 3.5
Nov 29, 2020
I haven’t actually heard Lil boat 3. But I will review it soon. This deluxe is pretty Medicore at best. First things first I’m confident nobody really wanted a deluxe for this album. Very few people bump Lil Yachty everyday. Regardless this is pretty weak. Most of the solo tracks suck, outside of coffin, but it’s only good due to the production. The features here are okay. Vince staples had the best guest verse in my opinion. Really good shit. Lil baby puts in a okay verse and Oliver tree has a okay chorus too. Personally I can only recommend the bangers here. Skip the rest of this album.
1. Lil diamond Boy-4/10-Yachty wastes everyone’s time with repeating the chorus the entire track. The autotune is pretty bad and the production is pretty lame and I can’t even get hearing it.
2. Flex up(Feat. Future and Playboi Carti)-8/10-I dont actually remember hearing yachty but he might have been there. Future actually does really strong but the chorus is repetitive. Playboi puts in a okay verse.
3. Coffin-6/10-The production here is really nice. I think it’s wonderful. It reminds me of a Brooklyn drill track. But why have Yachty rap on it. Why?? To me he is too quiet to hear him but I guess he verse is okay.
4. Certified-2/10-Everytime I waste my time with this(or other shitty trap albums)it makes me appreciate Gunna more.
5. Charming(Feat. Cochise)-4/10-Why put a Playboi Carti clone on a album Playboi Carti is featured on.
6. Just how I’m feeling(Feat. Lil Baby)-7/10-This track is decent. Yachty comes in with Some Lil Boat 2 energy and it’s a little boring if anything. Lil baby puts in a decent Verse. One of the better ones here.
7. In my stussy’s(Feat. Vince Staples)-6/10-I actually really love Vince here. His flow and his verse is just super nice but the chorus and verse by Yachty is pretty trash. Production is kinda tho lol.
8. Asshole(I think, Apple Music censors it)[Feat. Oliver tree]-9/10-This is the best track. Hands down. Yachty rides the beat real well and his verse are nice. His autotune also goes with the production and he doesn’t ruin it. Oliver tree singing is nice when the production starts.

Banger tracks:Asshole, Flex up, Just how I’m feeling

Least banger songs:Certified and Charming and Lil diamond Boy.

Final score: 46/80 .57
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Nov 30, 2020
100% agree with the banger tracks! Great review! :)
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