Lil Skies - Unbothered
Jan 22, 2021
I’m confident this albums score will end up somewhere around a 50-60(I’m wrong apparently as of writing this at 10:06am it’s at a 41😬)But honestly it’s way better than that. Most people will say “It’s too boring and it’s generic and it’s nothing new or it doesn’t standout” but honestly it’s pretty generic but Skies puts in a lot of good choruses that are catchy and rememberable, some verses are really nice, production is good all the way through. It might be missing one more feature but skies is confident and good by himself. I really love Skies but I think Shelby was a weak project(Maybe review soon). I think this is his best work since Life of a dark rose(Ironically I haven’t reviewed it yet) and this is a good album. I definitely recommend it.P.S who fucked up the crop on the album cover, which is a decent cover btw.
1. Fade away-7/10-Skies spends the entire tracking being melodic talking about just about his story. Not as melodic as it should be.
2. Take 5-7/10-Another melodic song. Really nothing special compared to the previous one but the chorus is quite nice and the verses are good too.
3. Excite me(Feat. Wiz Khalifa)-6/10-Quite honestly this Chorus is really really good but the wiz feature is pretty weak and the skies verse is okay. The poor poor chorus got wasted.
4. Having my way(Feat. Lil Durk)-8/10-For a person who doesn’t like Durk at all. I realy like his verse here. It’s pretty generic compared to what he has put out but I like the flow he uses. Skies comes in with a great chorus and decent verses.
5. Ok-9/10-I know people don’t like this single(The single score was in the high 40’s) but this is probably my favorite song here. It’s catchy, the production is great even tho it’s built for a different artist. Skies really rides this nicely. People have pointed out the echo and the reverb sucks but I kinda love it. The mixing is slightly off but it’s still nice regardless.
6. Dead Broke-7/10-Production is bouncy as hell, that I know. Chorus again is really nice but the verses aren’t all that great.
7. On sight-9/10-This single reminds me of a 2017 Skies hit. Which one, idk but it gives me old Skies vibes. Production is really clean even tho it might be a little generic.
8. Think deep don’t sink-5/10-Definitely the lamest song up to this point. Production is quite nice but Skies doesn’t do anything good with it.
9. Red wine & Jodeci-7/10-One of the more rapped songs here. The verses are quite nice but the chorus here isn’t all that nice.
10. Locked up-5/10-one of the more generic songs. Nothing noteworthy.
11. Trust nobody-8/10-One of the most unexpected bangers here. The flow is pretty good here and the production helps bring it out. The chorus is nice and the verses are good.
12. Riot-9/10-Probably the hardest song here. The bass and the 808’s are hard as hell. Like 2017 south Florida hard. The energy here is hard as hell. Great single for this album.
13. Sky high-8/10-The chorus here is really nice and the production helps make it even better. The rapper second verse is really nice.
14. Mhmmmm-6/10-Kid Cudi basically(Title wise) Production wise this is probably the most different sounding song. I think that it’s not all that bad but it has a okay chorus with weak verses.

Favorite songs:Having my way, Ok, on sight, Trust nobody, Riot and Sky High

Least favorite songs: Think Deep don’t sink and Locked Up.

Worst feature: Wiz Khalifa

Best feature: Lil Durk

Final score: 101/140 .72
Jan 22, 2021
Love this review! :)
Jan 22, 2021
@Cry Thanks dawg. Your Reviews are way better tho!:)
Jan 22, 2021
@Fieryley Nah, we both got great reviews! You're so underrated, deserve a lot more followers! :)
Jan 22, 2021
@Cry Hopefully soon, Congrats on almost 300 Followers!:)
Jan 22, 2021
@Fieryley Thank you so much!! :)
Jan 30, 2021
Dude, great review, we have a pretty similar opinion to this record lol. Definetly an overhated album and the best Skies one since Dark Rose (and a BIG step up from Shelby).
Jan 31, 2021
@Reviewsic Yes facts, this album is definitely not a 37. Shelby was super unfinished and this sounds way more complete musically. I’ve been bumping this everyday since it came out lol.
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Lil Skies - Shelby
Jan 22, 2021
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