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Flamingooooo -
So it looks like Hail To The Thief is the last Radiohead album I've heard. well, After going deep into virtually all the discography of this band I have to admit openly that this is my favorite band of all time. I've never been disappointed by their music, ever. Even when I listened to Pablo Honey I was positively surprised that it wasn't as bad as most people say. All their albums are at a very high level but Ok Computer, Kid A and In Rainbows are the 3 best albums I have ever listened to. ... read more

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Flamingooooo -
I think I just lost my weeb status smh
Flamingooooo -
The Sessions is a collaborative project between myself and Tom Bejoy, which today has its full-fledged debut, releasing the crazy ass album called: ジェロナグラセッション. In our first piece we went a bit towards ambient/plunderphonics music, using lots of samples, and a recurring theme throughout the album using celesta, such a magical sounding piano.
The Sessions is an amateur project at the moment, but we plan to come back with many more interesting stuff in the future, trying to ... read more
Flamingooooo -
A life affirming, warm and extremely subtle music, full of hope, especially in its sound. Gira's voice grabs my heart on this one, it feels like home, the folk, the simplicity, strange beauty, I can see it, somehow. For many rather dull, maybe just doesn't live up to people's expectations, but I find it more touching than any other Swans album.
Flamingooooo -
Apart from the fact that the vocals and guitars sound absolutely disgusting, there's a lot of cool experimentalism here


Jul 30, 2021
I hate music too
Jul 30, 2021
ok so you like the new shizuka too lets go
Jul 30, 2021
Jul 28, 2021
i was being sarcastic about michael jackson smh and yeah we can eat ass together idm ❤❤
Jul 28, 2021
also michael jackson is good he made the best music everyone loved him even children too!
Jul 28, 2021
yeah and with his little screen time he somehow managed to be more badass than 99 percent of the characters in the show. he was the most realistic, he sought for his people to be free but he acknowledged that both sides were in the wrong. he was an undercover spy that infiltrated marley what's not to love. annie was a joke attack on titan is good but after the manga ended i couldn't care less watch monster the best anime series of all time with inarguably the greatest fictional antagonist of all time (johan liebert) yeah i eat ass what you gonna do?
Jul 28, 2021
You deadass ranked Eren Kruger at 50th spot wth?? Do you even know his significance in the plot, he's literally top 10 character in aot. Zoe Hange fucking sucks the best character is Annie because she looks like Michael Jackson. Hee Hee!
Jul 23, 2021
Hello there!! I just released a new single for my upcoming self-titled album! Would love to hear your thoughts on it! <3 https://insocaf.bandcamp.com/track/born-sinner
Jul 20, 2021
60 :DDD theres also a sequel to that album if your interested


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1-10: Mainly, i just don’t care about them/don’t enjoy them
20: mediocre albums
30: albums that are alright
40: cool albums, which are usually inconsistent, and not all that enjoyable, like the albums 50+
50: good albums
60: better ones
70: these are even better than the last ones
+80 personal favourites🤍

All ratings are based on my personal preferences and are completely subjective😊

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