Yves Tumor - Heaven To A Tortured Mind
Apr 3, 2020
When I approached this album, I had only one thing in my head. "This will be my album of the year" I was really excited about Yves Tumor's new album like no other this year (except maybe The Strokes). First of all, his previous album "Safe in the Hands of Love" was great, I really liked its originality and that it sounded just phenomenal. It showed how great artists Yves is and that he is able to do something so unusual that you can only identify it with him. His voice is also one of a kind and if he uses it well it can really work wonders. Here after the first singles I was also very impressed and at the same time very excited about the new direction this artist took. So yeah, today was supposed to be a BIG day and a smooth 95. And what we've got here?
I don't know honestly... most of the songs that were released together with the album outside the singles are a mess, a mess that I wanted to like but I have to admit that I just don't feel it.
Just like the first two singles seemed to be very well arranged and full of cool experiments, the rest of these songs don't appeal to me. I don't know what the problem is, whether it's the vocals or the production, it's hard to say because it wasn't bad in theory. I guess the way it was arranged is a problem here, I like experimental music but I also like it when it gives me pleasure and I find the desire to return. Here I have such a desire maybe up to 3/4 of the songs and that hurts because it was supposed to be so "beautiful". There were no moments in these songs that would impress me as much as I wanted to, I know maybe I raised the bar too high but still I was expecting a Great album for more than one listening. Maybe if I gave this album another chance it would have paid off more than enough but do I feel like it now? No. Besides, his vocals on some of the songs were strange, melodies with no esprit and sometimes not even in tempo. It's a pity because I like his voice especially for songs like "Noid" or "Licking An Orchid" I don't know what else to say except that I'm not satisfied and this album is my first disappointment of the year.
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Jan 24, 2021
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