Lorde - Melodrama
Jan 14, 2021 (updated Jan 15, 2021)
* A little special review 💙

At the beginning, I would like to thank everyone very much for the 500 followers. When I started my journey with this website, I never suspected that my account would reach such large sizes and reaches. I'm proud to be a part of this community where I've found many great friends and people with whom I can talk about my passion for music. You are all like my second family, whether we have any closer contact or not. The two years I've spent on this site have had a very big impact on my life, if it weren't for AOTY I probably would never have been interested in music to the extent I am now, if even at all. I can't imagine what my life would have looked like if I hadn't found myself here but I'm sure one thing, it certainly wouldn't be as great as it is now. I am grateful to have found this new meaning in life, because in the end, the more things that matter to us the happier we are. Therefore, I thank everyone that you give me happiness every day, not so much in the form of conversations, but from the very fact that you are here.
I am glad that recently appeared AOTY community discord because I was able to get to know each of you better, which makes me very happy. Nice to be here, really. Thanks for all your support and big amount of kind words i'm receiving every so often.
Y'all means a lot to me😌💖


Okay, you might be wondering why I chose this album for this special review,
it must be very important to me, doesn't it? Yes it's true, it's for good cause one of the most important albums of my life, an album that changed my perception towards music and which opened me up to this whole wonderful world. The experience of listening to this album was a watershed moment for me, before that I listened to practically the usual radio hits, i haven't looked for music at all and didn't take into account the fact that so much of it exists. Music was just another form of entertainment for me and nothing else. You know, each of you probably experienced it and knows what this approach looks like. Anyway, if I remember correctly it was probably the first album that I found on this site, because as far as i remember i found myself here looking for review for Trippie Redd's album and later somehow it came out that i decided to create an account. The Website was just very visually pleasing, and i found interest in it from the very start.
Coming back to an album, the first moments with this record were an amazing surprise to me, I remember to this day the first time I heard the bridge on the song Green Light, damn, it was.. something unusual, a breathtaking part that i found myself in love with just after the first notes, even though it was still pop music which I've been listeneing to quite often back in the day. Something about it felt special and i knew from the start that it will be an amazing experience. In fact it was just the best thing I've ever heard. However, I did not expect that the whole album would hold an equally high level at first, I did not thought that there is a possibility for music to be so cohesive and well made. I've been proven wrong anyway:)
I heard it once, wow, second time, amazing, third.. every time I returned to this album i loved it even more.
You probably won't be surprised hearing that Melodrama was the first CD I ever bought.
well, this album will always remain in my heart, it is a wonderful piece of art, you can even say that it's a perfect album, an album for everybody, something that has a soul and is an extremely distinctive album in its genre. I love it and I hope that I will listen to it even in my 50s or later to remind myself about those great times, the times when I found myself again and started to love life for what it is🌸

I thought about doing song ranking also, i haven't done something like that in ages🥺
It will be tough because i love all of them sooooo much😌

All are amazing btw🐈

10. Sober
9. Homemade Dynamite
8. Sober II (Melodrama)
7. Hard feelings/Loveless
6. Liability
5. The Louvre
4. Perfect Places
3. Supercut
2. Writer In The Dark
1. Green Light

Album cover is just gorgeous, i absolutely adore color palette here and the painting itself is phenomenal
I always enjoy covers that are looking like paintings but this one is probably my favourite 10/10

Thank you for reading this review, i hope all of you will have a wonderful day filled with joy and happiness, take care😇💙🤍
Jan 14, 2021
wholesome 100
Jan 14, 2021
congrats on 500 followers, and great review!
Jan 14, 2021
congrats my friend!! great review!
Jan 14, 2021
An excellent review worthy of the event, congratulations to the 500 well-deserved followers (:
Jan 14, 2021
Jan 14, 2021
such passionate words you wrote in the beggining, love to see it. you definitely deserve these 500 followers, as you've been on the website for a while, hard work pays off. congratulations! :)
Jan 15, 2021
Thank you all🥺💙
Jan 15, 2021
Jan 22, 2021
very wonderful review mate, from a wonderful person
Jan 22, 2021
@TomBejoy Thank you so much🥺💞
Jan 22, 2021
congrats man
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