Quadeca - From Me To You
Apr 2, 2021 (updated Apr 8, 2021)
Quadeca's really come a long way from the kind of content he was making throughout his YouTube career. As Quadeca started leaning more into becoming a full-time artist, it was clear that he really didn't have much in the way of focus or direction with his music.

While Quadeca had developed a dedicated fanbase, some also placed him in the unfortunate category of being a "corny rapper", and while it is an understandable box to put him in, I always found it unfair, because the potential he had was always there, he just needed to tap into it. it seemed he kept on trying his best to move beyond his inspirations and really carve a lane that uniquely belonged to him. He just didn't know how to do that. He has a very versatile flow, a nice singing voice, and his producing skills are way better than most.

He had all the makings of a great artist that hasn't realized what his potential could truly be… not until now.

In this new album Quadeca delves into the complexities of his mental health, & his ambitions as an artist with hints of exploring a struggling relationship. Pulling from a myriad of influences such as Alternative RnB, Industrial Hip/Hop, & Ambient/Drone, with a dose of folk, the 19-year-old Quadeca manages the paint a picture of his own journey up until this point. This album is the culmination of the frustrations of a truly blossoming artist trying to set himself apart from the rest.

It isn't just his producing skills that have spiked either. His vocals have become more versatile than before. Pushing his voice to alternate between these soothing RnB vocals to periods of these well-fitting pop-rock-like vocals. His writing is has improved as well, very much so. Even if there are a few lyrical downsides on the tracklist (such as the Ben Shapiro line on Burning Bridges), those dips don't really happen that often. For the most part, the listeners will find clever, thoughtful, and introspective lines that really reflect a level of maturity that wasn't really there on his older records such as Voice Memos and 1DAY.

I do admit that Quadeca could have done this project without any features (Although I loved IDK's contribution to Burning Bridges and I don't mind Guapdad4000 on People Pleaser), they generally don't add much to the tracks, and although I love the interludes from a sonic perspective, I wouldn't mind if they were removed as well.

Overall, I love this album. I think that is the mark of the new artistic journey for Quadeca as he continues to show us that he’s become the artist we always knew he could be.

I’m proud of you, my dude.

Faves: Couloir, Sisyphus, Candles On Fire!, Shades Of Us, Smiling At The Ground, Can't You See?, Verglas Interlude, Maybe Another Day…, Alone Together, Burnin Bridges / Long Day, It's All A Game, Summit Pt. 1 & Pt. 2

Least Faves: Work!, Where'd You Go?
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Apr 7, 2021
Great review
Apr 9, 2021
@JeremiahMurphy Thank you so much!
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