Quadeca always struck me as an artist who wanted to be something more than living in the shadows of his inspirations but never knew exactly how to do that or even where to start. With a surprisingly versatile flow, a nice voice, and with a decent knack for producing, it's always frustrated me that he wouldn't take that potential and really stretch it in whatever direction he wanted. Even with his reputation for somewhat corny lyricism, it always struck me as something he had the ability to outgrow.

In a lot of ways, he really oughta appreciate his success at this point in his career. From making videos rapping in different styles of other hip/hop artists to dedicating himself to making music full time, he's made a large name for himself on YouTube. Along with that, Quadeca's built a dedicated fanbase that he knows will always be rooting for him. I feel like that knowledge has done him an immense amount of good. It's given him time to settle down and make something that truly displays the potential he always had. Still, I can't say I was expecting this.

It honestly shocked me to know that Quadeca produced this track himself. The production is so grand, but without sounding bloated and messy. I think the folk instrumentation and the soothing layered vocals at the beginning were a nice tone-setter for the subject matter for this track. I love the synth arpeggios that come in with the chorus. I think his vocals were very intelligently used here utilizing them in a way that reminds me of an alternative RnB album. I love how layered the vocals are when they transition into this grand set of orchestral instrumentation only to moving into some heavy-hitting drums and roaring synths with some rock-like vocals coming from Quadeca himself. I just have to note that his voice doesn't fade into the background at all. There's a nice dialogue between him and the production.

I think his flows in the middle portion of the track were pretty decent with the lyrics actually being one of the stronger points of his verse. He's very self-aware on this track and it adds to the vulnerable subject matter.

All in all, I think this a splendid track. While I'm not expecting every track on his upcoming album to have songs this sonically textured and grandiose, I am expecting a greater level of consistency in quality from Quadeca.

Well done, my dude.
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Quadeca - From Me To You
Jun 17, 2021
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