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"Yeah Kanye changed his life but me? I'm still an oldschool Gemini"
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Reflection on recent events made me want to slightly tweak this review I did last year:

I'm an Illustrator who graduated from University a few months ago. I finished my senior thesis, I made it. During my time there, I often found myself contemplating where would I going to go after I'm done with university. There's not an easy answer, to this question. Being 22 scares me. It forces me to really assess where I might find myself in 5 years. Who am I going to be? I am gonna be the same young ... read more
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Aye. I found the motivation to push one more review out before I take a break from reviews.

This is a nice EP full of vibrant political tracks, from one of the increasingly exciting Maryland-based hip-hop collective.

The production of these songs here is rich with jazz and Neo-Soul influences. The lyricism from Kame, Ama, and Tyler on this record is just as consistent it touches on the grim reality of the systemic policing of the black body, the looming specter of white supremacy in ... read more
FleetwoodGrips -
Special Review: "Thank You, Kevin"

I sometimes reflect on one of Dr. Cornel West’s most well-known lines with great fondness:

“I am who I am because somebody loved me.”

I related to this on a deep level.

Growing up in a black religious household shaped me a lot from a kid to an adult. It’s a place that I’ve long considered home. I was there since I was a baby, and in this span of time, I’m lucky to say that I was a child that was shaped by ... read more
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This is immensely vapid. There really isn't anything worthwhile to say here.

P.S. Seasons is what happens when you listen to Frank Ocean once.
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Poppy delivers a fantastic ep in which she drops all of the sweeter portions of electro-pop that had a strong presence on her third album "I Disagree" and instead, hones in on the aspects of her sound focused more on Alternative Metal/Nu-Metal. In just 5 tracks, and under 15 minutes, she creates a raw and visceral experience that's impossible to forget.

Faves: All of them (Except for Breeders, but that isn't a bad track)
FleetwoodGrips -
A tremendous step up from their previous releases.

This album is masterful. No 'ifs, ands or buts' about it. It serves as the culmination of a sound they've been working to perfect since their 2015 album, "Our Love is Cool", which was a sparkling debut full to the brim with exciting tracks pulling from Indie Rock, Post-Punk, and Grunge Rock pushed into these truly atmospheric territories. With potent writing from lead singer Ellie Roswell touching the emotional woes and sensibilities ... read more
FleetwoodGrips -
A snippet of a truly exciting artist in the making.

Ever since she released Comic Sans in 2019 and Damn Right in 2020, there's been a lot of excitement surrounding Audrey Nuna as an artist. Who is she? What is she all about? With just 10 tracks, breezing just under 30 minutes, Audrey Nuna displays a remarkable amount of versatility and raw talent giving us a gripping introduction in the process.

Within the first 7 tracks, there isn't a moment here that falters with regards to quality. The ... read more
FleetwoodGrips -
Well, I'm graduating from college in the morning, so I dunno if I'll review this one. For now, just know that I like this album, but cannot overlook it's glaring flaws.
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Since I'm approaching 350 followers, I decided to cover one of my favorite double albums of all time. This is also the album that solidified K.R.I.T as one of my favorite rappers of all time. Thank you all for your support!

Big K.R.I.T is an interesting case when it comes to artistic second winds. I think most, if not everyone, can agree that K.R.I.T should've been mainstream way before this point in his discography. Why shouldn't he? His collection of mixtapes proved not only his undeniable ... read more
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Exactly 4 years ago, Duda Beat came out with the brilliant debut: Sinto Muito, an album that pulls heavily from her own Northeastern roots and revitalizes such a distinct sound with elements of electro-pop and RnB, thus creating something truly special. It also became one of my favorite pop albums of the 2010s.

Now, Duda returns only to surpass the artistry of her debut with her sophomore album "Te Amo Lá Fora".

Sonically, the production on this album is far more expansive ... read more
FleetwoodGrips -
It's going to be very hard to top this EP this year.

The electric Kero Kero Bonito return with a fantastic follow-up to their first Civilisation EP, and just like the first one, these are brilliantly composed. The production is beautifully layered and full of personality. This lovely fusion of synthpop with electronic serves as a nice pillow for Sarah's soft vocals.

The lyrics on these three tracks so creative, with Well Rested my favorite of the bunch. Here, Sarah delivers a strong ... read more
FleetwoodGrips -
A true master within the soul genre. This is the second album from Ms. Nina Simone that I'll be briefly discussing. Once again, Ms. Simone displays why she's one of the greats. What makes her stand out from contemporaries isn't just her heavy somber vocals, but how well she's able to utilize them to create a whirlpool of emotions like none other. It's exhilarating, it's elegant, and even tear-inducing.

This album packed full of songs ranging from the topic of love, womanhood, work ethics, ... read more
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Quadeca's really come a long way from the kind of content he was making throughout his YouTube career. As Quadeca started leaning more into becoming a full-time artist, it was clear that he really didn't have much in the way of focus or direction with his music.

While Quadeca had developed a dedicated fanbase, some also placed him in the unfortunate category of being a "corny rapper", and while it is an understandable box to put him in, I always found it unfair, because the potential ... read more
FleetwoodGrips -
Banger. That's all I have to say.

Anyways, lemma use this as an opportunity to say that I wanna be fucked by Matt Champion.
FleetwoodGrips -
Quadeca always struck me as an artist who wanted to be something more than living in the shadows of his inspirations but never knew exactly how to do that or even where to start. With a surprisingly versatile flow, a nice voice, and with a decent knack for producing, it's always frustrated me that he wouldn't take that potential and really stretch it in whatever direction he wanted. Even with his reputation for somewhat corny lyricism, it always struck me as something he had the ability to ... read more
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This track is so lovely. Bruno and Anderson compliment each other phenomenally. The production evokes such a heavy 70's soul energy that makes me wanna go listen to some Marvin Gaye, or some Curtis Mayfield. Anderson's raspy delivery flows so well with Bruno smooth vocals on the chorus. It's lovely. I can't wait for the album.

Bruno needs to stop making pop music and put his voice to work on some more soul instrumentation. He takes this track to a super sensual level.
FleetwoodGrips -
Sorry, this remix is iconic. Screw y'all.
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"I guess I should've had something else to say
And now еverybody's coming up
What we built must fall to the rising flamеs"

This generation is in a very odd place in this footprint we call History. We find ourselves trapped with the anxieties of the increasingly confusing world of Late-Stage Capitalism. A new generation meant to make something, not only of ourselves but the be the ones to deal with the weight of the societal ills left behind by our predecessors and we're with new ... read more
FleetwoodGrips -
Since the King coming is back for his crown, I came to announce that I am now a 68-year-old white dude named Jim. I love chugging bud light, I cringe at the rappity music and I get mad at my wife for existing.
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