AOTY 2020
Weezer - Weezer (Black Album)
Nov 9, 2019
This album is not very good. Now I understand it's easy to say "It's not as good as their original stuff," especially when talking about Weezer, but this is not a good album by any real standard.

When it comes to Weezer, I am not the hugest fan. I do love the Blue Album, Pinkerton is really good, and while it is easy to say they lost their way after those two albums, I would argue that they have had their shining moments in last couple years, most notably with the white album. With the singles for this record, I foresaw another white album. An album that would be just as good as, if not better, than the group's earliest effort. However, I am sad to report that is not at all what we get.

This record blew its creative load in the first three songs. Can't Knock the Hustle is a wildly catchy, Zombie Bastards is super bouncy and unique, and High As a Kite is super airy and almost meditative. These are all very good songs, but quality drops off the map completely Track 4 onward. This album is almost like Weezer trying to recapture what the white album did, without first trying to recapture what blue or Pinkerton did. In that way, this album fails to grasp how to create a good pop album, and instead fumbles around for multiple tracks, creating mushy and sanitized scum. Compared to pretty much everything else in Weezer's discography, this album tries to do more and ends up with less. This is pretty much just Pacific Daydream but with a few listenable tracks.

If Weezer wants to have a good public image at all after this mess, they have to be willing to return to form with either the blue album or the white album, and create an album with the knowledge of yesteryear, and an actual passion for their craft. Otherwise, their reputation will fade away faster than my sanity did while listening to this album.

Best Songs: Cant' Knock The Hustle, Zombie Bastards, High As a Kite. Literally everything else is bad.
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