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Flomink -
Back when I used to be extremely into Porcupine Tree, this was always an elusive one. It wasn't on any streaming platforms and it was exceptionally hard to find on YouTube or anywhere else. All I knew about it is that, for many people, this was the best Porcupine Tree had to offer. A long time after my prog, and especially my Porcupine Tree phase, this album finally came to streaming, and when it did, I did my deep dive of the band that included it (because at that point it had been years since ... read more

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Flomink -
I really wish I enjoyed this album more. It has some really good moments, and overall is a pretty good album, but I just can't get into it as much as many other people have. I think it's mainly because of how long after my psychedelic rock phase I listened to this and how much psychedelic music I've heard before that this just seems kinda bland throughout most of it, with a few notable highlights that shine through, especially in the 2nd half that really are the main things preventing this from ... read more
Flomink -
I’m tired of pretending this album doesn’t absolutely fuck
Flomink -
Literally in what world is a Thousand Suns better than this?
Flomink -
This album has a rough start, with some pretty dated and borderline meh nu metal, but if you give it time to really spread its wings and unfold, it becomes something really amazing with some spectacular, varied vocal performances, winding and coherent song structures despite length, and memorable tunes to round it all out.
Flomink -
This is still a really great album, despite my original bias against it.
Given how much I love this band's debut, it being one of my few 100s, I think it was bound to happen that a second release by them would be relatively disappointing due to the sheer fact that their first album was so monumentally good. Because of that, I've been pretty biased against this album for a while, and while I think my criticisms of it do still stand to a certain extent, it's a lot better than I gave it credit ... read more


Sep 11, 2021
Sep 6, 2021
Thank you!
Sep 6, 2021
Can you please give me your top 5 albums from 1971 ?
Aug 26, 2021
Damn it I think he buried it. That's a real shame because it was VERY cringe
Aug 26, 2021
Thank you good sir :)
May I ask which ones specifically?
Jul 22, 2021
thanks you too
Jul 15, 2021
ugandan knuckles be flomikin
Jun 10, 2021
I absolutely agree w/ what you said about KG and LW's criticisms; people viewing the mircrotones as a genre rather than just a use of a unique tuning system was infuriating. They're both super distinct albums, and LW's really got some of their best picks to date, and I'm sad it'll permanently be rated low on here because of the dumb fake-critique that it was *another microtonal album*
Jun 1, 2021
yo that sounds sick! ill check it out


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Top 100 = Liked

100 = Perfect, or life-altering experience, or 90%+ perfect tracks
90s = Masterpiece
80s = Amazing
70s = Great
60s = Good, or great but I can’t get into it
50s = Enjoyable, or I can’t get into it, or it's dull
40s = Lacking, or fun but kinda bad
30s = Poor
20s = Bad
10s = Irredeemable
0s = Unearthly abomination, or no effort

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