Don Salsa - Koolaide Moustache in Jonestown
3d ago
It’s really hard to either hate or love this album. The playing is extremely good and the songs can be really fun and enjoyable, but there are still major issues with this album that make it difficult to really enjoy. It’s fun, extreme, and experimental, but that’s about all it is, it never really stops to be an album, and stops way too much to be cohesive, especially on the longer tracks. For the introduction it makes sense given the concept, a snippet of a bunch of songs flipping through a tape deck, but it’s way too drawn out at 33 mins, and on almost every song that follows, everything comes in small, sometimes only vaguely related snippets, with a majority of the 17 tracks on here being a few second interludes and the ones that aren’t feeling like just more interludes pasted together.

El Stronzolo is by far the best track on here for the sole reason that it actually tries to be a track. Despite being crazy and multi phases, it’s one of the few moments on this album where any idea is stretched out or remotely explored. You could say the idea is exploded in terms of the concept with the introduction, but it’s done way too long to the point of almost becoming grating. There are the building blocks here for a really great, openly Bungle inspired record that goes in hard, but the band can never really settle on a single idea for long enough to make it work.
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