MO3 - Osama
Jan 18, 2020
This album is truly what inspired me to make this account.

MO3 comes outta Dallas and that had me kinda intrigued. Ive known of this man's existence for awhile, mainly because his connection to Boosie, and when I discovered he was from Tejas itself, I thought I'd give him a listen.

I regret it.

Holy Fuck this album is horrible. This tape is absolutely disgusting. It's easily one of the most bland albums I have ever heard. People will actually call a Travis Scott or Future bland when this exists holy shit. It's a horrible mix of half crooning, half rapping (sometimes pretty fast) but with production that is so forgettable it is indescribable. Now a mixture of crooning and rapping is not inherently bad by any means, but MO3 just sounds terrible. I honestly don't know how to describe it besides saying that it is unironically unpleasant to the ears. The lyrics are obviously nothing special, and that wouldn't be a problem if any of the beats were memorable or 3's performances weren't god awful. Not only that, but when he does rap, he often plays with his voice in a way that actually resembles Boosie, buuuuttt it doesnt have the bouncy, energetic, or infectious qualities that Boosie's does therefore it ends up sounding annoying. I honestly can't recall a single thing about any of the tracks here except for the one I hated the most which, frankly, I don't even wanna think about. Don't listen to this. MO3 has potential (kinda lol) but it was not tapped into here.



Jan 27, 2020
Eat a dicc up sorry ass dude just cuzz a nigga don’t sound like billie illish or sum shit don’t mean he succ. He made it thus far jacc ass. You stucc on stupid only cuzz you can’t relate to a word that man stated. I felt everything that man said. I’m just a young nigga from dem apartments where I come from is where I lost the love I had WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY. HATER
Feb 23, 2020
Das coo
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