AOTY 2023
Caramell - Caramelldansen
the song of all-time
Kali Uchis - I Wish you Roses
if yall are wondering what my favorite songs of 2023 are, heres my playlist (ill continue to update this throughout the year)

파란노을 [Parannoul] - After the Magic
i'm trying to step outside of my comfort zone and try more non-rap stuff out this year, and this seemed like a cool place to start. i liked this! super cinematic and maximalist production, this album felt like a soundtrack without being one (i mean that in a good way lol). idk how much this will stick with me throughout the year, but i'm glad i gave it a listen! i had a good time!

FAVORITE TRACKS: Polaris, Insomnia, Arrival, We Shine at Night, Parade, Sketchbook, Sound Inside Me Waves Inside ... read more

Lil Yachty - Let's Start Here.
fuck you yachty, take your 9.5 and fuck off

my head hurts from thinking about this too much imma go lie down

Cordae - Two Tens
wait what do people not like this? idk man its nothing crazy but i thought it was pretty damn good and liked it significantly more than RNP
Aesop Rock, Blockhead & Lupe Fiasco - Pumpkin Seeds

absolute banger of a song

Various Artists - Grammy Nominees 2017
Ladies, gentlemen and everyone in between... welcome... to Fluffy's 2022 HIP-HOP VIEWER'S CHOICE AWARDS!!!

upset that your favorite rap albums or artists aren't getting the proper recognition you think they deserve? well here, your voice matters! every vote counts, and the poll will be active for a while before i stop accepting submissions (i'll probably make a warning post right before i stop accepting responses)

vote for every category, only vote for the categories you care about, vote for ... read more

Noveliss - Vagabond

for any fans of conscious boom bap PLEASE check Noveliss out. he's criminally underrated and deserves so much more attention. he's never missed on a single project, so i highly recommend looking at his back catalog as well, but this project in and of itself is fantastic. 7 tracks of straight bars from one of the best in his field.

Tom MacDonald - Renegade
finally now that BROCKHAMPTON’s gone, we can have REAL HIP-HOP back!!! (i didnt listen to this lmao)
i'm gonna miss these knuckleheads (part 2/2)

the final, final, FINAL part of the BROCKHAMPTON finale (hopefully lmao) is a proper project from all the boys we know and love. and man, it's kinda inconsistent. certainly not bad by any means, they went for a much poppier sound similar to "GINGER", while working in a few bangers here and there. some forgettable tracks to be sure, and the outro track, as much as i did enjoy it, could have been even better, but still a pretty good project. ... read more

i'm gonna miss these knuckleheads (part 1/2)

the first half of the grand BROCKHAMPTON finale is actually a solo outing from Kevin (apart from a brief appearance from Bearface, which was great!). surprisingly. Ian brings such insane energy and emotion in his performances in lyrics on here, being the most explicit he's even been with the band's struggles and departure. what i could not have seen coming was this project having my favorite production of any BH project ever. the chipmunk soul beats ... read more

Matt Watson - SEE YOU THERE
*insert supermega reference here*
"QUEEF STEW" = song of the millennium
Nas - King's Disease III
so Quadeca definitely has most of my attention as of right now, but don't sleep on this project! Nas' run from "King's Disease 1 & 2" to "Magic" and now this is kinda crazy considering how late in his career he is. tons of highlights here, a little bit of filler, but Nas is still lyrically sharp as ever and Hit-Boy comes through with some of his best beats on here. great stuff!

now to try and find the words for IDMTHY...

Quadeca - I Didn't Mean To Haunt You
"Those words don't do you justice"

i've been following Benjamin Lasky aka Quadeca for many years now. he essentially kickstarted my interest in hip-hop with his "Styles of Rap" videos and diss tracks. the very first video i ever made on my channel was "Top 10 Quadeca Songs". looking back, a lot of his early material was pretty bad. i still have a soft spot for "Voice Memos", but it's really amateur and very flawed. last year though, he released ... read more

Quadeca - Tell Me A Joke
11/11 boutta go down in history. so glad to be here to witness this artistic reinvention in real-time.
Kero Kero Bonito - The Princess and the Clock
this song makes me unreasonably happy
Tobe Nwigwe - moMINTs
more like moMID amirite
Anri - Timely!!
holy shit city pop is my new favorite genre
Kanye West - Donda 2
as a jewish person myself, as well as a massive fan of Kanye, i'm truly horrified at his recent statements. he legitimately crossed the line for me this time. i'm done defending him. i know he struggles with bipolar disorder, but at a certain point, mental illness can't excuse hatred. i truly hope he gets the help that he clearly needs, but i'm done supporting him for the time being.
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