fourtwenty -
ovlov fucken rips
fourtwenty -
this album always gets a lot less love than most of his other projects and all I can say is THIS IS THE ONE. pure magic all over this record, just gotta let it show itself.
fourtwenty -
Five/six songs should have really never made the final track list. But now, almost five years later, the catchy guitar and bass interplay still does it for me. Would have this at a 90/95 if you chop off the excess.

On paper, I really shouldn't love this so much. Vocals are rather washed out, the band's image is very cliche Brooklyn indie, the songs are repetitive. But the reality is yes, I do love this so much. Bits and pieces of songs get stuck in my head even when I haven't listened in ... read more
fourtwenty -
I like Lush, but the lofi, somewhat sloppy feel of this is what I'll always associate as Snail Mail's 'sound.' Stick is just an okay track, but the rest are all absolutely stellar. The guitars are understated but have plenty of interesting moments, and the guitar tone perfectly sets the mood which allows the lyrics and vocal melodies to take center stage. I love this even more every time I listen to it.
fourtwenty -
calming 90s sounding indie rock with melodies that are familiar and comforting. when i first heard it i thought it was just some run of the mill indie but nearly a full year later, i come back to it often. absolutely adore this.
fourtwenty -
is dat jenna fischer
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