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Silvia Pérez Cruz - Vestida de nit
"Vestida de Nit" is an exquisite and captivating album by the talented Spanish singer and songwriter Silvia Pérez Cruz. Released in 2017, this record is a true gem that stands out for its emotiveness, masterful interpretation, and a selection of intimate songs that touch the listener's heart. This record seems like a classic that has always been with us. The album's title, "Vestida de Nit," translates to "Dressed in Night," evoking a nocturnal and romantic ... read more
The Supremes - More Hits by The Supremes
When it comes to the iconic Motown sound of the 1960s, one name stands above the rest: The Supremes. The legendary girl group album "More Hits by The Supremes" solidified their status as one of the most influential and successful music trios of their time. With its smooth melodies, impeccable vocal performances, and infectious energy, the album has become a classic in the history of popular music. The lush instrumentation, tight arrangements, and rich vocal harmonies add depth and ... read more
Motoharu Sano - Someday
Someday by Motoharu Sano is the perfect city pop album. From beginning to end, the songs entertain you and make you feel a melancholy vibe mixed with rock & roll and the typical Japanese pop rock from the 80s.

The record has no bad song. On the contrary, each piece has a meaning within the puzzle of the album and is essential. "Sugartime" is very fun track which has some nice pop components and easy but addictive lyrics. Its counterpart, "Happy Man", follows the same ... read more

山崎ハコ (Hako Yamasaki) - 飛・び・ま・す (Tobimasu)
Grief, despair, isolation: that is what I feel when I listen to と•び•ま•す by Hako Yamasaki. The little instrumentation and the acoustic vibe of the songs, along with the tearing voice of Yamasaki, make this whole album an unforgettable one.

The album starts with “望郷”, a sad track as many of this album. The internal and metaphorical tears of the song penetrate into your heart and makes you feel like there is no way out to the boundless suffering. ... read more

Akina Nakamori - プロローグ〈序幕〉
The debut album by Akina Nakamori is an introduction of her incredible musical career. It feels like a very nostalgic album, where Akina shows her early youth filled of energy, with a lot of desire to fall in love and where she also leaves room for beautiful ballads that reach the depths of the heart. With just 10 tracks, it feels more complete than any subsequent album. Also, Akina’s voice is one of the most powerful voices on the city pop sphere.

The thrilling ... read more


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My musical taste ranges from Björk to Otoboke Beaver, through the Carpenters and Yoko Ono. I listen to most albums a minimum of 3 times before ranking them.

100: total masterpiece
90-95: super in love with it
80-85: so good i would recommend
70-75: very enjoyable
60-65: it's ok, i could vibe to it
50-55: not feeling it
40-45: too mediocre
30-35: very ignorable
20-25: poor quality, nothing enjoyable
10-15: worse than hitting a father
0-5: total piece of garbage

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