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FrankWelch -
I admit: these aren't the strongest Melanie's songs and melodies. I didn't go crazy about them like with her songs of her 2 albums. It seems that Melanie spilled her guts so much that most of the songs have too many lyrics and it was hard to fit into consistent melodies. The melodies don't flow easy because of too many words. The choruses with many lyrics don't have stand-out melodies and blend into the verses. The lyrics limited her. Literally the songs with less lyrics, The Bakery and Field ... read more
FrankWelch -
Since Ashnikko just released a new track with Grimes that I am completely obsessed about, I wanted to revisit this and say something about. I enjoy every song, they give a good time with high energy and humor. Gonna replicate a description that I saw and found it funny and kinda cohesive: she's just like Billie Eilish meets Rico Nasty. This is solid and shows potential. I'm highly anticipating her next EP cause seems that is going to be even better than this one.

MY RANKING OF THE ... read more
FrankWelch -
I like how this is like the sequel of "X", the track that ends her previous album "Am I A Gril?", and dive into the metal sonority. Going unpopular preferring "Am I A Girl?" over this one, I just didn't get attached to the songs of this one like of that one. I don't know... I listen to some Metal/Symphonic Metal like Epica, Delain, (used to) Nightwish, In This Moment... and this hits soft on me. No comparing because it doesn't fit, but it's not cause I'm not ... read more
FrankWelch -
The sonotity of this album gives me vibes I like (even voguing and runway, what I didn't expected from Poppy at all). The production is solid, good and pleasent. The songs could punch harder, so I understand that is kind meh for some, but I ended up enjoying them anyways, working as moody pleasent listening tracks. Filled with moments, elements and melodies here and there that I really like. Some not that much, but not ruining it. The interludes I felt that didn't add much to the album and the ... read more
FrankWelch -
Visions and Art Angels just gave birth to Miss Anthropocene, so it's great indeed. It's like a rave amid chaos. From tracks that sound chilling moody chaotic to explosive chaotic back and forth, I venture to say that it's Grimes' album with more different layers and different atmospheres, merging elements of her previous works and exploring new ones.

ULTIMATE FAVE TRACKS: My Name Is Dark, Violence, 4ÆM, Delete Forever, You'll miss me when I'm not around, IDORU, We Appreciate Power (from ... read more
Sep 25, 2020
KKKKKKKKK. amiga não menti, tu deu 66...
Dec 23, 2019
thanks! I actually really enjoyed the 4 songs on the ep that actually got released, and was pretty sad to see that the others never got released. I haven't checked out Paper Massacre yet but I have heard good things about it, and I also know theres a 1 minute version of it that's pretty low quality, I have no idea if it's a different version or not. a lot of Florence's unreleased songs I really enjoy, especially from Lungs since I haven't seen any from Ceremonials or High as Hope but I haven't done much research to see if there are unreleased songs for those albums. thanks for the information!
Dec 22, 2019
I only found out about F+TM in early 2019 so you might know a little more about this (I'm guessing you've been a fan of them for a while), did you know Florence had an ep by the name of "Florrible + Misrabella" called "Someone Spilt Snakebite On My Espadrille”? I can hardly find any information on it, only half the songs have been released, and it came out in 2007.
Dec 22, 2019
Thank you very-very much for following me ^_^
Dec 12, 2019
Wow, I didn't realize people actually wanted to see me review Pang, lol! Anyways, I really liked the album and had a bit to say, but other people wrote really great reviews that summed up pretty much how I felt. So I didn't have any motivation to write a review, maybe someday. I got other things I plan on reviewing though.
Dec 9, 2019
I actually just relistened to it yesterday. I really love the opener and some of the songs near the end, but it's not as good as everyones saying it is. I still enjoyed it, I dont think I'll ever hate an art pop album lol
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