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Alice in Chains - Alice in Chains
I don’t wanna be friends with those who choose Jar of Flies or Dirt over MTV Unplugged or Tripod.

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Gojira - Magma
This is when Gojira decided they’d go the extra mile, they’d mix it up even more. And it sounded great, and it brought them many new fans. While Magma has its issues and the album is a tiny bit frontloaded for me personally, it is still a very good album. The first half is quite epic, a versatile and interesting approach and offers progressive metal, sludge metal, and death metal — dammit, The Shooting Star itself is an atmospheric sludge metal and prog crossover, very stoner ... read more
Green Day - Brain Stew / Jaded
Green Day going all cranky, angsty, guitar-heavy, grunge-esque, dirty, messy, careless and so on, so forth at around 1:16 and 1:54 and whatever — Their best single ever… Without question. Both songs are great, they’re just infectious. It is ridiculous being THIS good, THIS catchy. Well, I mean, at least here/back then
Lil Ugly Mane - SPILL
See, now this is why I love this man
Opeth - Ghost Of Perdition
It’s hard to put into words how I feel about this song. Like, how I truly feel — but nonetheless, I’m going to try, yeah? Alrighty then. I will try to limit myself though, keeping it somewhat short and sweet. Ghost of Perdition is quite possibly the perfect song. Not just regarding progressive metal — or should I say, progressive death metal. What I mean is all music as a whole. It has pretty gorgeous melody written all over it, yet it intertwines this ferocious, ... read more
Opeth - Deliverance
Masters Apprentices is a top five Opeth song. Those riffs are unfathomable. The whole album is unbelievable, though. But oh man, Masters Apprentices is going to leave total destruction anywhere it sees fit. This is easily one of their three heaviest albums. It’s a joy to hear, the riffs, guitar work in general tbh, the drumming, Mikael’s cleans and uncleans… it is the definition of engrossing, and utter brilliance..

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