Katatonia - Sky Void of Stars
Jan 21, 2023
Whether they’re going full gloom, murky, bleak, Doom Metal, melancholic Alternative Metal or Dark and Somber Prog, Katatonia is a band that absolutely never fails to intrigue and delight me. Their enticing, unique blend of alternative metal and others is a mix I wholeheartedly hold dearly and love very much to this day, years after discovering their poignant and beautiful sound, and while this and probably any album still to come, for me, won’t ever top Brave Murder Day, it doesn’t mean any new entry into their discography won’t be a great addition, cuz let me tell you this one here wasn’t far off. Their last album wasn’t my favourite piece by the Icons Katatonia, but still I did enjoy it quite a fair bit. Enter Sky Void of Stars, not only a step up, but I found it to be a more interesting, consistent, and smooth experience. This was a pleasant experience for sure. It was trademark usual melancholy-driven, longing-romance-laden music from the Gothic legends, and yet as I indulged I didn’t hear one song less than decent. They were all enjoyable, if some more than others.

The standout for me is still the single, “Atrium” and that song remains one of my most beloved of any song they have ever released. But wow, songs such as “Opaline”, “Author”, and closing track “No Beacon to Illuminate Our Fall” were excellent. Katatonia will remain one of my favourite bands ever, these songs alongside the aforementioned single, which I think might even be 5/5 for me, I love it that much, are pieces which help solidify that status. Pure glory, once again. A dark, introspective, beautiful ride. Around fifty minutes of sentimental, atmospheric bliss, a journey into the world of Katatonia; pessimistic and bittersweet, but nevertheless exceptional, stellar on every turn, melodious beauty and comforting intrigue with insight, precision, and utter and absolute passion. It’s full of brilliance, and is not far from a fantastic piece. It’s very, very good, and I think on more listens I will indeed up its score, for once again these guys have presented, executed, and performed another quite-superb listening adventure. 4.35 for me on two listens. I will for sure listen again today, and I for sure strongly recommend this one to you all — enjoy!
(*written for my rym, too.*)

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