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fucktobymaguire -
Honestly, I fuck with it. Big time.

Thrice are regarded as one of the most consistent acts in the post-hardcore scene, constantly adding on to their sound the way a maturing band should. For this, they not only earn a lot more brownie points than the rest of the questionable alternative and punk scene that they grew out of but also a lot more praiseworthy material. In short: good job Thrice, you truly are the band ever. I realise I say that about a lot of bands, but trust me, you're definitely ... read more
fucktobymaguire -
Imagine Dragons.

Now I could say one of two things here. One of them involves me talking about testicles and the other one involves me talking about what we already know and that has been said about this band at length. I'm sure neither option is optimal so I'll just skip this bit and get to the point without making anyone reading this want to end their life faster than Dan Reynolds breathed in radioactive chemicals.

This album was surprisingly... almost there.

The singles leading up to this ... read more
fucktobymaguire -
Music am I right?

Sometimes I wonder why I listen to so much music. It used to simply be out of an obligation I felt I had to fulfil; listen to as many albums as I can to make sure I look like I know my stuff, be a real music nerd! Maybe I'm looking for new ways to be creative and fire up my brain so I can finally do something I'm proud of. Maybe I'm bored and a generally uninteresting person with nothing better to do than sit in my room and stream a bunch of air wiggles on my decent quality ... read more
fucktobymaguire -
A lot of the time the words "maturity" and "boring" seem to come hand in hand like a pair of conjoined twins. But what that assessment fails to recognise is a very important realisation also comes with this package: the power of nuance.

Billie Eilish's albums have been a somewhat polarising force, ever since she released her debut EP back in 2017 at age 15. A lot of the criticisms either boiled down to being too edgy or being a boring and uninspired Lana/Lorde/Melanie ... read more
fucktobymaguire -
So, I went through a ton of options for this special because I decided that my 500th album should be something special. Something worth writing about tirelessly for a few hours on a burnt out brain over a nice cup of tea, whilst sitting back and thinking thoughts like "got damn I have listened to a lot of music. That is cool".

I went through a very frustrating process to find this album, only to realise that the simplest option was right below my nose.

Initially my dumb ass was ... read more


Nov 30, 2021
man, I miss the time when I'm still a very big fan of the album called In Rainbows, now all I listen to is A Promise
Nov 29, 2021
idk why but i think sussy baka committed suicide....😭
Nov 27, 2021
I legit felt crazy listening to peace & truce because I thought it was as solid as a lot of their other material, and then I kept looking at the rym & aoty score lol
Nov 26, 2021
wait did i actually didn't type wrong? omfg my head
Nov 26, 2021
i didn't type wrong it's deftones influence get it haha *dies*
Nov 26, 2021
i should back to discord if i have enough strength
Nov 26, 2021
Nov 26, 2021
and i have a boyfriend now, guess who that is?
Nov 26, 2021
poggers i'm awake because the guy works over here tap me gently but i woke up with a shock, at least i didn't scream lmao, and still alive POGGERS
Nov 26, 2021
i don't know if i should sleep, i might actually end up kms when i'm not actually awake


i aM music boy 😳😳😳😳😳 i also hate tobey maguire

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