May 21, 2020
I added this to AOTY just so I could shit on it. I try and stay away from singles, but this deserves its zero.
This is quite possibly the worst song of all time.
This song is the equivalent to stale, 2000 year old caveman milk that was found in some cave and shoved in a museum, only to have it stolen and eaten by some weird fuck with a stale milk addiction. It's literally that fucking disgusting. It's IMPOSSIBLY disgusting.
Across this song we get some fake fragile nasal yet slightly throaty ... read more
May 13, 2020
On the not so inventive side of nu-metal here comes Korn - the fathers of nu metal, fronted by metal scatman john.

And, yeah, Korn gets a lot of hate for being corny (not even a funny, just true) and kinda stale by nowadays. They're sellouts and they refused to evolve. They have not aged well at all and their edginess has long since worn out. But - this album at least deserves to get some credit.
With Issues, Korn come across with their own brand of twisted nu-metal. Lots of mention of sex ... read more
May 13, 2020
I too hope to eventually write such a beautifully destructive song about the sun being annoying one day.

Not quite as masterful as White Pony, it's not a much more raw feel, much more c h u g c h u g in the guitar tone. It comes off as very classic thrash metal in places, but still keeping that same nu-metal groove.
Also may I add how amazing Chino Moreno's voice is on this project? The dynamics and the contrasts between his slow, yet soaring orgasmic high notes and his voicebox pulverising ... read more
May 13, 2020
0/10 pants did not actually meet shit
May 12, 2020*
There's creative drive - I'll give it that. But I'm rating based on enjoyment not ambition.

What I heard here was a bunch of jumbled messy ideas that could have been colourful, had it not been for how poorly I think some of these songs were presented. Quite a lot of it boils down to production choice and just how hokey I felt all of this was. I failed to get much enjoyment out of many of the songs here. In some places the songs just came together in this weird mix of predictable yet also ... read more
May 8, 2020
This is annoying. Like, there aren't many better words to describe it. It's contradictory, pretentious, confusing but mostly annoying.
May 8, 2020
They tried. They really did.
May 8, 2020
Like many people, I hated Tyler's voice on this album. It's a little hard to get behind, especially when it sounds so obnoxiously springy and childish on a couple of the tracks here. But I realised that this album does come from a genuine place. A lot of these songs have a lot of heart poured into them (case in point: house of gold). Yeah, the rapping still feels extremely awkward, and the singing may come off as just that sometimes and there is a fair amount of pretentiousness in some of the ... read more
May 8, 2020
Emo masterpiece, and definitely one of the best emo records of the decade. This isn't fun or catchy as much as it is emotionally devastating - the pain and agony is felt with every sung word on this album. There is a lot of power to this album that kicks the self destructive atmosphere up so many notches. From the epic and grand opener to the adventure of a final track this is a quality emo album from front to back.
May 8, 2020
Definitely mature for the age she was when she wrote this. The production is actually quite dark and moody - reminds me someone of trip hop. My only issue here lies with the vocals, which aren't really present enough for me to pay attention to them on most tracks. Some of the melodies didn't stick with me, but that's really all. Really a strong debut for someone of the age of 16.
May 7, 2020
There's some really warped aspect to this that makes it just that bit unsettling. And I love it. I love how none of the vocal melodies are predictable at all and can throw you off at any given moment. Chino Moreno's screams are absolutely manic and twisted and then out of nowhere there's a song like teenagers, with quiet and crystal clear vocals. This album is truly a wonder, and probably one of the best nu-metal albums to come out during this era.
May 4, 2020
Ah lovely, another contender for worst album of the year.
Not sure where to start: the obnoxiously fake deep lyrics or the disgustingly sweet yet slightly raspy vocals that change into the most powerless post-hardcore screaming?
This sounds like a leftover from 2005 from a popular post-hardcore band that had one large song with an incredibly edgy title and the most 2000s look ever. And even when faced with the decision between bands that actually are what I just described and Dance Gavin ... read more
May 2, 2020
Original Scores: 60 and 67

So, this actually grew on me. I think I was being far too harsh in my initial review of this album: as there's a lot of quality, fun, passionate and vibrant tracks on this album. What I previously found to be lacking in, I see a bit more of now. I see this as a very respectable and fun turn towards the electronic-centred sound they were toying with on angles. This is still growing on me, too. Eternal Summer still leaves me scratching my head a little.
May 2, 2020
In retrospect, this makes me admire the Strokes' new album a lot better and a lot more of a respectable turn towards indietronica.
This isn't awful, I found myself enjoying a couple of tracks and this felt a lot shorter than 47 minutes. I'll give it that it's certainly a respectable change of sounds too. But the heart touchingness and the emotions that csh previously have brought forth in beautiful ways is seriously lacking here. It doesn't feel like this effort had too much of a heart put ... read more
May 1, 2020
This is some vicious ass screamo. But that's not all. This has some really anthemic and epic grooves too, propelling it beyond a simple screamo album. Every emotion is felt, every scream is throat shredding and brings the songs to new levels of hard. The bass grooves are also played insanely tightly too, holy shit. My only issues are that it is hard to distinguish a couple of songs from the others. The front generally felt a little weaker, but that's probably only because the back end of the ... read more
Apr 30, 2020
As I delve through more of Japan's rock scene it becomes apparent that I've been missing out on so much. This band in particular, Number Girl, comes through with a sound that can easily be grouped in with the likes of Husker Du, whilst still coming through with a definite sound and style.
Apr 29, 2020
Not as detailed and beautifully written as their debut but just as funky and just as danceable. This shit has got grooves for days.
Apr 26, 2020
Despondent, scarily sad, adventurous and slightly disturbing, King Krule comes in with an album full of dread, sadness and trippy instrumentals to back it all up. This would be contender for aoty imo however, it feels like it drags on just a little bit. I'm surprised it managed to keep me invested for the type of music it is though, so I still left this thing incredibly impressed. Might grow upon repeated listens.
Apr 26, 2020
Very cute, yet very raw debut album from this Japanese lo-fi garage rock quartet. It has its edges to work out, yes, but for the most part this is a very pretty album filled with some amazing leads (holy shit the lead guitarist knows how to write a song). Has me keen to check out more of japan's music scene. Subarashi desu.

What I loved: Guitar Leads are mmmmmmm / first 5 tracks / lofi production / the lyrics and the vocals are kinda cute
What I didn't love: A tad bit of filler in the middle ... read more
Apr 23, 2020
I went into this album really wanting to love it - the three songs I'd heard from it were all brilliant and I'd had them on rotation for a long time after. Especially obstacle 1. However, after NYC things seriously just started getting annoying and monotonous. It felt like there weren't many ideas being pushed that I hadn't felt like I'd already heard. The album started to just feel like a decent post punk album - defined yes, but enjoyable no.

What I loved: First 4 tracks are pretty great / ... read more
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