Schacke - Artificial Intercourse
it sound like I took a meat and I slapp it and i make beat
I dance lot I like dance me dance bomf bomf boots hand pans

the first track oxigin postassium
not enough water drop sound effect or female gasping
add more for 1 mor score if you wantt

dälek - From Filthy Tongue of Gods and Griots
i Am very scared

prettty impressive given that computer didn’t exist when the album was madea

Charlie Smarts - We Had A Good Thing Going
production maybe kinda b*d buuut
when thing rough around edge u dont get cut!!

catchy somgs are good and I would sing along if I had more melenan. Lyrics feel heart of artist and me very sad but happy goooood!
-too much curses
-i do not like orange
-thanks for reading

Joey Trap - Wild West
this album’s great!

favorite track pending

Jeff Parker - Suite for Max Brown
gooooood album! haha!

I had a lot of fun doing the listen music! Guitar sounds are gooooood siree! Good! Computer sound with the guitar sound and the it sound like tomita and jericho

I don’t usually like the experiemts they are usually not good like when I lost my finger but experient music can be very fun. like this. This album is gooooooooood! jaaz hands

my favorite is gnarcis I also like fusion swirl their gooooooooood songs
gooooooooo away is gooooooooooooooooooood too

listen to ... read more

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On Maryann's review of Charlie Smarts - We Had A Good Thing Going
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