Fucked Up - David Comes to Life
May 5, 2023
This is the defintion of everything to not do on a punk rock album for me - have clean af production, super long songs and runtime overall (for the genre anyway) and vocals that have next to no range whatsoever.
Sure, there are some cool riffs and chord progressions here and there, and the vocals being as gruff as they are make for an interesting experience paired with these indie rock instrumentals, however just a few songs in I was incredibly bored, not to mention how little I was paying attention by the halfway point and especially towards the end.
I usually like buildups and payoffs, but this album is mostly all buildups and really no payoffs, and with how played out the choruses and vocals get this record was honestly dreadful and tedious to sit through.
If it was paired down to the most important and best moments it could've been pretty good, but with how long and one-note it is, I will most likely never be listening to it from front to back ever again, minus the few songs I found to be pretty good outside of the album. Not much separates the best and worst songs here anyway, it's all a hardcore punk rock mush of noise and boredom and a waste of time overall.
Also, the story being told had no impact on me whatsoever because the vocals were pretty unintelligible and hard to keep attention to, despite how loud they were in the mix.

Fav tracks: Queen Of Hearts, Running On Nothing , Remember My Name, Serve Me Right, Truth I Know, Ship Of Fools, I Was There

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