AOTY 2023
The Flaming Lips - American Head
Apr 16, 2023
Goddamn, this was blissful af!

I feel like Flaming Lips should be a band that I should have heard more material from already, considering they have some of the most acclaimed albums in all of psych rock and have somehow stayed together for about 40 years now.

Well, coming back to their catalog at "American Head" was certainly a curious decision, as this album feels like a miracle of sorts. Not only is the sound of it incredibly entrancing on first listen, but also the strange production and writing choices make it one of the freshest albums from the psych rock genre I've heard in a while! This album carries such a potent sense of bliss and adventure, that just from the opener alone I could sense that I am in for a treat.
Sure, this album gets kind of silly at points with talk of Dinasours, Space, Drugs and Family, but man, when those concepts hit, they really do hit hard for me.
The riffs and vocals are there and its all freeflowing in a very nice manner, resulting in a very solid tracklist overall.

So even though this album is pretty chill and relaxing in execution, the powerful emotions and song structures make it one of the better and more exciting psychidelic rock albums I've heard in a bit.
Even 2 and a half years later after its release it is definetely worth checking out, since we might get more material like this from The Flaming Lips going forward, which I see as a very good thing.

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