Jamie xx - In Colour
Apr 14, 2020
Stuck in quarantine. The weather is lovely, but the streets are empty. I'm wondering to myself; will we get a summer at all this year?

I put on this album as I cook dinner for my family and instantly, I'm transported back to the kitchen I worked in in Cape Cod, summer 2015.

This album is just full of fun memories and ~summer vibes~ for me. I was put on to Jamie xx through my friend who worked in the kitchen with me in Cape Cod. We used to get control of the speaker and we would become quite competitive as to who could play the best songs and impress the rest of the kitchen staff. One day he put on Loud Places. I loved it from the first listen. That clunky bell that rings throughout, the feint vocals (which normally I'm not a fan of but they work perfectly on this track), the lead up to the chorus and the explosion of sound on the chorus. This song is an ultimate feel good anthem. I was hooked on the first listen.

Then he played I Know There's Gonna be Good Times. Similar to Loud Places, it is a spirit-lifting, feel good anthem, but totally different in style. This was also my introduction to Young Thug. "What the hell is this man saying and why does he sound so good?" I thought to myself. (It would take me quite a few years to get invested in Thugger but I got there in the end).

Those two songs were the sound of my summer 2015. I never listened to any other songs from the album because I was too busy working/getting wasted every night. It was only after that summer I gave this album my attention while I was on Erasmus (study abroad programme for any Americans reading) in Spain. Starting with the cover art, that colour palette is so pleasing to the eye. It also represents the sounds on this album so well. You know you are going to get a wide array of colourful and vibrant sounds. It is an iconic cover for me at this stage.

Then the actual music. Gosh was a song I didn't get at the start. “This has no place on this album” I thought to myself. It was only after a friend of mine who is a DJ explained how intricate every sound is on that song. Between that and its usage on a TV advert which I enjoyed, I did a complete 180 on the song. Now I really see its purpose on the album as a grand opening to an album rich in sounds.

Then you have bouncy Sleep Sound and See Saw. I can literally picture a rainbow coloured bouncy ball flying around my head as I listen to these songs. The harp on Sleep Sound is gorgeous. I don’t really have a clue about mixing and mastering. When I see people complain that the mixing is off on a record, I rarely notice it. But even to my untrained ear I can hear the perfection in everything Jamie does, especially on Sleep Sound. He plays with sounds like a yo-yo.

Then there’s the closer, Girl. The second I hear that “You’re the most beautiful girl in Hackney y’know?”, I drop everything. This song is an outer body experience. I have enjoyed this song in almost any setting. Late night listens, morning walks, you name it, I’ve done it.
It truly is a special quality in music when it can evoke an emotion or memory, whether it be happy or sad. That’s the beauty of this album to me. Nothing but happy memories. I can literally smell certain smells from memories when I play this album, that’s incredible. Really hoping we get something sooner rather than later from Jamie, could do with a pick-me-up amid theses strange times.
May 21, 2020
Loved reading this. Beautiful writeup. Thanks for opening up and sharing this lovely story on a site so filled with people giving one word reviews.
May 25, 2020
@max2k thanks for the kind words! Glad you enjoyed the personal side to the review
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