Gal Costa - Gal
May 23, 2020
Not quite on the same level of consistency as Gal's other 1969 album, but this still has some truly WILD songs and is an overall very strong album. The two sides of this album really are separate entities, as more straightforward tracks populate the first half before the second half even delves deeper into experimental song structures and chaotic sounds. The first half is probably a little weaker in my opinion, although it still delivers strong highlights in the crazy "Cultura e civilização" and the very fun "Meu nome é Gal". The momentum does somewhat stall with the lackluster "Pais tropical" version though, which I didn't find to be quite as captivating as Jorge Ben's. The second half is a bit more consistently interesting, as even though some of the moments come out a little too loose and disorganized for my taste there is always another experiment which comes together well which redeems the song. I also can't mention the second half and not mention "Objeto sim, objeto não", a truly ridiculous sound collage which wound up being one of Gal's defining songs for me personally. Overall, the album as a whole is very good, and I could see it growing on me and rising into the 80s with a little more time. Wouldn't say it's quite on the level of her previous album, but it's still more than worth your time to listen to this if only because you get 9 more songs of Gal Costa's wonderful voice.

Favourites: Objeto sim, objeto não, Meu nome é Gal, Cultura e civilização
Least Favourites: País tropical, Tuareg

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Gal Costa - Gal Costa
Jun 1, 2020
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