AOTY 2019
Bon Iver - i,i
Bon Iver
Dec 2
Bon Iver - i,i
Bon Iver
Dec 2

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Dec 7, 2019
[91.72] I'll be honest, I have never read the screenplay and I wish I had before this album. So, a concept album with a summary that encompasses the language that is dominating the world and every interaction because of the internet. It's confusing, and nothing is set in stone, so it makes it a perspective piece. The actual sound of the album is something so grown up from his previous work, something I think I can compare to Frank Ocean. It creates a feeling completely exclusive to this project ... read more
Dec 7, 2019
[89.63] When I had first gotten into him, I went into here quick to see what songs were on here. I grabbed a few, but this is my first time coming back to listen, and I just realized and read that these are all throw-aways from TPAB! Maybe these didn't fit that well on the other album, or he just thought to keep them for a later date, but for sure nothing slaps more than those last three songs, which I wish made it to the album. At least they got justice here.

87 - untitled 01 08.19.2014
90 - ... read more
Dec 7, 2019
[54.25] Post-humorous hip hop albums have their own place, they just feel strange with a jumble of snippets and they don't have much cohesion. Given the amount that is on here I'm surprised how ready he was to get into this field, like he was ready to make this an entire career, and it makes it sad that he was going to move on from that past he had. He wasn't behind its production so it is not completely his fault why its bad.

~~ - introduction
79 - Ex Bitch
53 - UGLY
71 - bad vibes forever
12 ... read more
Dec 5, 2019
[95.57] Other than one of deadmau5's albums, this is the greatest electronic pop album ever made. Though the genre may be under-saturated, it can be ranked outside of its borders and can be placed in the club where all these other masterpieces exist. I love this duo and their ability to create such music where lyrics exhibit less is more, and also you have everyone singing along. It's difficult to keep elaborating what makes this so good, it just is man.

100 - One More Time
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Dec 3, 2019
[87.73] This is the ultimate comeback album. Everyone in the first few months of its release thought it was the most disrespectful and terrible thing done to rap given the experimental sound Rocky went after. It took a while, but the project has reached a point where people can understand what and why A$AP Rocky did what he did. Outside of the cohesive stuff that stays on his previous album, this new sound is promising, and with refinement, he may be one of the more successful artist of next ... read more
Dec 7, 2019
Thanks for the follow! I like how you do your ratings, with the decimal and such :)
I rate my albums by an average of the individual score of each track on the album, but if the number doesn't represent what it deserves, I adjust it to what I think it should get. I just love music and the idea I can keep this database of all of my ratings, as I have always done this on paper but there was no way to share it.
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