Logic - Supermarket
Mar 23, 2022
[49.08] This is really embarrassing Logic, for quite a few reasons. Again I have to fricking preface.... yeah its mid I do not think the record is abominable, only because it balances itself with decent-okay and 😳 tracks, but as someone who sees genius in the guy, this thing screws up a lot of thoughts I have about him:

Style is not original on this one at all, and while I could maybe say it is because he attempted to create an entire near hour, not a song, long project of an entirely different genre, well let us remember why he did it in the first place... 😶. Yeah, it was "to experiment", now how could one say that and then go on to steal so many ideas that have already been done before with melodic phrases and instruments practically verbatim, and then make them mid af? So if anything Logic was just trying something new to HIM, which is sad because I see this guy as having something to bring to the table, so the truth that he literally, LITERALLY didn't add anything authentic to this sound other than hip/hop at the end of I think two of the tracks, which is already something he does, maybe it was too ambitious?

Thing is, he continued on and ended up creating the entire 13 song tracklist and put it out there, where only ONE of the tracks somewhat PAYS homage to where it comes from (the ATCQ one was interesting you gotta say, even if you think it sucks).

I guess I have to mention Mac DeMarco's contributions, which are catchy guitar acts on two tracks, however they get lost in the bland, repetitive string of noise.

While I will call out the lyricism for being so, so saddening for how simple it is for some reason, I mean this is a guy that raps tenfold the amount of lines in one of his other songs but then can't do a slower... what I WILL defend (now defend is a strong word I don't mean it like THAT) are the creepier lines, which make sense as this is meant to be conceptually connected to the book he wrote of the same name. Context is required, but it comes on so strange at times that still I cringe.

Soundtrack for a book is such a cool idea, but this here was a poor execution. As a fan of Logic, I know for sure that he will be returning to this genre, and while I hope that he will change his direction drastically and maybe go for more of an R&B thing, I don't know what he will do, it is entirely possible another one of these could just drop in the next two years and I would have to then evaluate my perception and praise for Hall (jk I'll always love him, and while this is a mid album in MY opinion and likely much worse in the ears of others, I still accept this even if this was a weird one.)

favs(?) - Bohemian Trapsody and Can I Kick It?

88 - Bohemian Trapsody
73 - Can I Kick It (feat. Juto)
47 - Time Machine
58 - Pretty Young Girl
28 - Supermarket
35 - Baby
30 - By the Bridge
43 - Best Friend
36 - Lemon Drop
41 - I'm Probably Gonna Rock Your World
62 - Vacation from Myself
71 - DeLorean
26 - I Love You Forever

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