halfBREED - 3P
Shifts between boring and annoying. There's a handful of moments that are alright, but not all too many.
Guster - Keep It Together
With the recent passing of my dog, I've found myself coming back to this album a lot. It means way too much to me for me to have left it with such a lazy review.

After a handful of albums where the band see themselves toning themselves and creating the mold they'd like to fit in, Guster drummer Brian Rosenworcel came to the band with a daring idea. "What if I use a drum set on our next album?". Brian didn't know how to play a classic drum set, he had only used hand drums up to ... read more

Lord Huron - Vide Noir
Lord Huron makes a great atmosphere, just as you would hope from an album title "Black Hole". The first half of the album is very strong, but slowly begins to degrade in ambition after the beautiful Wait by the River. The closing track is phenomenal, though.
Kendrick Lamar - DAMN.
Kendrick Lamar's most divisive album cements him as a household name. Every project he seems to touch can often be described as art as much as music, which is true even for his most mainstream appealing work.
Imagine Dragons - Night Visions
Radioactive, It's Time, and Demons were the only songs I was familiar with, and they're all songs I adored when I was too young to have taste. I loved them for too long to grow out of them just yet. My thoughts on the rest of the songs are as followed:
Why does he have a faint Jamaican accent on Tiptoe?
On Top of the World is mid.
Why does he say Amsterdam like that? What's with that fucking accent it's pissing me off he's a fourth generation Nevadan according to wikipedia why does he use ... read more
Radiohead - In Rainbows Disk 2
6 tracks that stand strongly on their own + MK1 MK 2. They all fit the In Rainbows vibe while simultaneously not fitting the In Rainbows vibe.
Death Grips - Exmilitary
For context, my first Death Grips experience was The Money Store. 97/100, I adored it. It's production was incredibly in your face, aggressive, and relentless. It paired perfectly with MC Ride's equally in your face, aggressive, and relentless vocal performance. While that overwhelming vocal presence can also be found on Exmilitary, the same cannot be said about The Money Store's production. Exmilitary sees Ride's vocals comparatively overpower the instrumentals, leaving much of the mixtape ... read more
Brother Sports - iii EP
The instrumentals are pretty cool, but the singer sounds like DJ Spit from Smiling Friends
Sharifa - 15 AND INSANE
"They all laugh when they see me, when they hear it they all love it". Damn right. An EP made by a 15 year old? Just what I needed to get some laughs out after a bad day... BUT WHAT THE HELL. I'm genuinely vibing rn. I wasn't expecting this at all.
Eli. - songs of yearning.
Lewis Capaldi but with slightly worse vocals and poorer songwriting. My introduction to eli. was a single from him titled "i'm sad". It boasts some of the most repetitive and laughable lyrics I've ever heard. It's to such a degree that at first I thought it was satire. It's probably on my list of the ten worst songs I've heard. That being said I was NOT expecting very much from this project. songs of yearning. is a ridiculously huge step up from i'm sad, so I can rest easy knowing the ... read more
Lovejoy - Wake Up & It's Over
Every time I decide to listen to a Lovejoy project I go into it expecting the epitome of mid. With this release, though, Lovejoy is 2-1. Are You Alright was good, Pebblebrain I didn't enjoy quite as much. This is definitely Lovejoy's best release so far. Portrait of a Blank Slate and Call Me What You Like have an incredible atmosphere. The other four songs are pretty good as well. Lovejoy seems to have a very peculiar method of song writing. I'm not sure if it's the right word to describe it ... read more
Car Seat Headrest - Twin Fantasy (Face to Face)
I had no idea indie rock could be this powerful and impactful. When I think of indie rock I think of music like Lovejoy. Acceptable music, but nothing out of this world. This is pretty damn out of this world. As a random YouTube commenter said, the songs are very well written for how spontaneous the lyrics can come across. All around, it's a very beautiful listen.
Travis Scott - Rodeo
Rodeo has an absolutely incredible atmosphere. The great production and instrumentals are forced to carry the project, however, as the lyrics are rarely catchy or memorable. To add to that the autotune is abundant yet usually tasteful, sometimes excessive.
1st listen: wtf is this shit
2nd listen: damn alright
3rd listen: YEAH WE CAME TO BLOW UR SISTER🗣️🗣️🔥🔥

From my perspective, experimental often means "sounds like shit but people pretend it's good because they want to seem cool". That was exactly what I thought about this album. Until Bitch Please. I don't know why that song, or what about it flipped a switch in me, but about halfway through it something clicked. After finishing Hacker, I immediately replayed the ... read more

Ezra Bell - Don't All Look Up At Once
As far as the instrumentals go, it sound very basic, maybe a slight bit generic at times, yet it's still a nice sound. The lyricism stood out to me. My monkey brain can't find any better words for it, but it sounded important. I guess meaningful would be a better word but that doesn't seem quite right. In the end, it's totally acceptable music. My only real criticism is that his voice can be a bit grating on one or two of the songs, but for the most part it's fine.
Mike Posner - Operation: Wake Up
It's good for what it is, but it doesn't really have any replay value. For the most part this is something you would only listen to as a full album which isn't usually my vibe. That's not really the goal of the project though, and it does a pretty good job at doing what it's supposed to.
The Caretaker - Everywhere at the End of Time
Score it anything below an 80 and you simply have no feelings.
Tay-K - #SantanaWorld
In my opinion the mixtape's greatest strengths are in the beats. Lemonade and Saran Pack are two highlights in that aspect. For the most part, lyrics and flow just feel like standard trap, but when he pairs his best hooks with the best beats he was given there are some fantastic results. I feel like The Race and Megaman were the two songs that offered the best of both worlds.
Matt Maltese - Bad Contestant
Matt Maltese showcases smooth production, creative lyricism, and a mood that can beautifully and effortlessly flow between heart wrenching and charming. While Maltese's ballads are often very well balanced, a handful of the tracks suffer from being too slow and unengaging. However, he always brings it back by the end, and his vocal performance never falters. While the first half of the album is good, Maltese insists on going out with a bang (perhaps a bit literally). The second half of the ... read more
Acidgvrl - Morbid Yacht
After listening to Acidgvrl's "PLAYGVRL", I was left questioning why anybody would willingly subject themselves to the music Acidgvrl has made. Seeing this album with more than one or two ratings and still scoring above 80 had me interested. I'll admit, it sounds much more listenable than I was expecting. If you imagine her vocals as an instrument rather than lyrics, your enjoyment of this album will increase a lot.
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