Madison Beer - Life Support
Feb 26, 2021 (updated Feb 27, 2021)
Madison Beer is a very controversial artist who has been in the public eye for a long time, from accusations of copying Ariana Grande (for simple influences) to out of proportion rumors. Even so, I decided to give her a chance and I ended up loving the singles on this album showing great potential with powerful ballads and self-love hymns.

Starting with the problems of this album: it is so ambitious that it loses its focus even in its brightest moments. I felt that the production tried to be something more than it was and ended up being underdeveloped and even with a bad mix in songs like "Follow The White Rabbit". I also pointed out as a negative thing the amount of transitions and interludes that are only decent and that could be much more (and less autotuned), bringing a certain superficiality to the project as a huge concept that is simply not very deep.

But behind an all-poorly constructed concept, we have songs that are simply incredible and that captivated me a lot, especially in the ballads, "Homesick", "Selfish" and "Stained Glass" are examples of vulnerable and sincere tracks that combined a lot with her artistic personality in addition to emotional lyrics. I hope that this sample of Madison's talent will make the artist grow exponentially from now on, while this album is decent for a debut I feel that the singer can evolve authentically and with help of more consistent producers.

The Beginning (8/10)
Good In Goodbye (7.2/10)
Default (6.8/10)
Follow The White Rabbit (6.1/10)
Effortlessly (6.2/10)
Stay Numb And Carry On (6.7/10)
Blue (6.5/10)
Interlude (5.1/10)
Homesick (8.7/10)
Selfish (8.8/10)
Sour Times (6.8/10)
BOYSHIT (7.8/10)
Baby (7.2/10)
Stained Glass (8.8/10)
Emotional Bruises (6.1/10)
Everything Happens For A Reason (7.3/10)
Channel Surfing / The End (7.9/10)

Average Score: 72 💚

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