Duda Beat - Te Amo Lá Fora
Apr 29, 2021 (updated 2d ago)
Before starting the review, gringos, please give the album a try and don’t start doubting its capacity as I’ve seen in some cases just because it’s in a language other than yours, there’s more than just an album in English, just as we are constantly giving English albums a chance without questioning their quality because they're not in our language ❤️

Although I'm not Brazilian, but Portuguese, it's always a pride to see Portuguese-speaking projects to be expanded in the AOTY community, especially when it's a quality project. "Te Amo Lá Fora" is possibly one of the best albums I've ever heard in my language, everything about it is completely charming from its high quality production to an eclectic mix of various Brazilian genres combined with elements of synthpop and dream pop.

This second album by DUDA BEAT shows that she's one of the greatest promises of brazilian pop, bringing something different from the current brazilian mainstream artists with a sound completely full of identity and creativity in addition to extremely delicious and captivating vocals. I hope this album gets all the recognition it deserves.

Tu e Eu (9.2/10)
Meu Pisêro (9.6/10)
Mais Ninguém (8.5/10)
Nem um Pouquinho (9.5/10)
Melô de Ilusão (8.2/10)
GAME (8.2/10)
50 Meninas (8.3/10)
Decisão de te Amar (8/10)
Meu Coração (9.3/10)
Tocar Você (9.5/10)

Average Score: 88 💚
Apr 29, 2021
Nice review :)
Apr 29, 2021
introdução perfeita para falar de um álbum como esse viu. ótima review!
Apr 29, 2021
@Perennial99 thank you 🥰
Apr 29, 2021
@Maqtheus obrigado amigo 🥰, realmente alguns usuários têm que quebrar essa barreira da linguagem tal como nós fazemos smp com eles
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