Kacey Musgraves - star-crossed
Sep 10, 2021
The anticipated fourth studio album "Star-Crossed" by artist Kacey Musgraves has finally arrived, an artist who has rocked the country music world with her distinctiveness and innovation. Her predecessor 'Golden Hour' won the big prestigious AOTY at the Grammys and was one of my favorite albums of the past decade, with extremely relatable lyrics and passionate melodies that perfectly match the singer. Consequently my expectations for this album were very high but unfortunately they weren't exceeded… although I wasn't totally dissatisfied with the final product.

What stood out the most about this album for me was the production that was excellent throughout all the tracks, Kacey decided to venture further and experiment with even more different sounds, moving a bit further away from her usual country. My main problem was the mating of production and lyrics, I didn't feel that magic that 'Golden Hour' brought perfectly, there weren't many ecstatic moments and the lack of pre-choruses on many tracks makes it seem like the choruses are too crude and disconnected from the rest of the tracks. But even with the errors that accompany this album I had a lot of fun with many tracks, Kacey's melodies are still strong and her writing relatable.

The main highlights for me on this album besides the intro that I've already talked about individually is definitely 'cherry blossom' and 'there is a light'. The first one has an exuberant and utterly catchy chorus, talking about the undeniable chemistry between her and her ex-partner and asking him not to let her go away and destroy their relationship. The second has the most fascinating production of the album, using various instruments from drums to flute, in this song she's starting to understand that, even though she's been through a lot of troubles and sadness, there is still a light of hope inside of her.

Although I don't see myself listening to this album very often in the future, a lot of songs will be on repeat for a long time. I can see that this is a crucial album for the singer's life and for her to reach peace of mind in relation to her divorce with Ruston Kelly. I'm looking forward to seeing the film that accompanies this album to get more context from the stories behind the project and see how the singer will follow musically and artistically after this as she is one of the most potential artists in the country world.
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