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Björk - Fossora
Hello. It is Christmas time and I am sitting here by my TV. I've been watching it very much lately because I'm on holiday. And I've been seeing all these programs about all sorts of things. About Icelandics being very happy about Christmas, very gay, and also very serious and spiritual. And also seeing Icelandic comic people making jokes. Which they are very good at.
But now I'm curious. I've switched the TV off and now I want to see how it operates. How it can make, put me into all those weird ... read more
Björk - Fossora
her whole bjüssy and bjööbs went into this.
Rina Sawayama - Hold The Girl
Em 2020, Rina Sawayama lançava seu álbum de estreia, um dos projetos artísticos mais excepcionais da música pop dos últimos tempos. Após um debut tão surpreendente, a expectativa de muitos para o disco que sucederia a este estava nas alturas, e talvez para quem esperava algo que surpreendesse tanto quanto 'SAWAYAMA', 'Hold The Girl' possa ser decepcionante. Porém, para mim, que ouvi o disco sem nenhuma expectativa que de alguma forma fosse ... read more
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A compilation of albums from non-English speaking artists that I wanted to hear for quite a while. Everyone is free to recommend me more. I'd love to have more suggestions.
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Great Music you probably haven’t heard (no ranking) Ratings range from 0-100 (sometimes ratings go up, the list is constantly getting updated) Descriptions get updated MINI REVIEWS WILL COME SOON
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