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“Easy on Me” é o primeiro single do antecipado quarto álbum de estúdio de Adele, intitulado 30. A cantora tem estabelecido uma carreira notável durante a última década, com vários sucessos de qualidade como “Someone Like You”, “Rolling in the Deep” e “Hello”. Todas estas músicas têm um fator em comum, e este é serem baladas emocionais que captam a atenção do ... read more
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'Planet Her' is an album that I didn't like the first time I heard it and it's remarkable how many mistakes were made in making the album's concept and overall sound. However, I don't know what happened to me but, the project really grew on me, it's just an extremely fun work where Doja Cat personality shines more than ever. Songs like "Get Into It (Yuh)" may sound completely bizarre at first, but once you realize the rapper's flow and purpose it becomes completely fun.

With all ... read more
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(Antes de começar esta review queria agradecer ao @HeyLeo por me ter dado a oportunidade de escrever para o site dele! Sempre desejei escrever reviews para fora do AOTY e estou extremamente agradecido pela chance. O Leo é uma ótima pessoa e excelente colega de trabalho como também bastante empenhado, logo significaria o mundo para mim se pudessem dar uma vista de olhos no site dele (, se quiserem ver a review no site vou deixar sempre o link por baixo ... read more
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'Friends That Break Your Heart' is James Blake's anticipated fifth studio album and comes as one of the most enjoyable and comforting experiences of 2021 so far, despite some issues with its consistency.

Most current albums focus on themes like love, but James Blake departs from that subject and talks about the heartbreak we can have with friends, relationships that are capable of making us suffer even more than the romantic ones. The opening track 'Famous Last Words' represents the album's ... read more
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Não há muito que eu possa dizer sobre este álbum, apenas que ele é completamente mágico e relaxante. Sufjan Stevens & Angelo De Augustine trazem uma coleção de músicas saídas de um filme de fantasia, com uma produção elegantíssima e vocais tão reconfortantes como as nuvens. Para o meu gosto pessoal o álbum acaba por ser um bocado monótono e cansativo quando foco demasiado nele, ... read more
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One of the worst things I've done this week was listening to this album, with such acclaim and Pitchfork's 'Best New Music' to top it off I expected so much more from this project. It seems that throughout the whole project I heard an attempt to make Björk but without the talent, vocals and charisma. Some production choices were minimally interesting like 'Send Me' and 'Sink In' but overall the project is lifeless, overly ambitious, with no artistic vision and a failed attempt to be ... read more
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And finally arrives the highly anticipated last studio album by Tony Bennett (because of his illness with alzheimer) and beside him we have the versatile Lady Gaga who has already participated in a similar project to this one called 'Cheek To Cheek' with him too, which received mixed reviews from the public and midia. The big question is: Does 'Love For Sale' surpass its predecessor?

In my opinion yes, but not by much. The project itself doesn't risk much in the jazz genre, not exploring ... read more
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'Swimming' é um álbum que anda na minha vida há muito tempo mas que nunca acabei por divagar muito nas suas profundezas. Uma das minhas músicas favoritas de Mac Miller encontra-se neste projeto, sendo ela 'Come Back to Earth'. A canção serve de introdução a esta íncrivel jornada emocional do rapper sobre saúde mental e autoaceitação. Ouvindo esta música depois da morte do cantor é ainda mais ... read more
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Really liked the production choices, it's a very addictive indie song with a catchy melody and rhythm. The vocal parts weren't my favorite, I think it could use some more work on some of the harmonies, but overall I liked it a lot. Congrats 🥰
GersonAOTY -
First of all I would like to thank everyone for reaching 600 followers, it's an amazing mark and it baffles me that so many people like my content. I just hope to continue to grow and be able to share my passion for music with others, this is more than a review site for me, it's where I can let off steam, have fun, meet amazing people and grow as a person.

To my utter surprise Poppy releases her fourth studio album 'Flux' after the rather interesting and acclaimed 'I Disagree', one of my ... read more
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I know I recently reviewed this album giving it an average score (62) but my opinion of it has changed drastically although I still think the experience could be better realized. Starting first with the context of my change of opinion, I listened to this album yesterday inside a car in the sun paying little attention trying to capture a general idea of ​​the project with a few listens, consequence: worst decision ever.

On my first review I said the album was breathless in a negative ... read more
GersonAOTY -
Definition of a perfect pop classic, but drop something for Red please 😭
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Lil Nas X shows us on his debut album why he is one of the most important stars in the music industry today.

The rapper's baby is finally born and is ready to conquer the world. 'MONTERO' is a fun and well thought out project, it seems that the artist has made a full 8 to 80 since his '7' EP, using his charisma and personality in an interesting and captivating way. The production of the album is adventurous and full of quality, one of the examples of this is the song 'INDUSTRY BABY' which ... read more
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'Golden Hour' foi o grande (e inesperado) vencedor da premiação dos Grammys de 2019, vencendo em várias categorias country como também o maior prémio de "Album Of The Year", graças a esta vitória gloriosa Kacey deu-se a conhecer mais ao público geral, que se apaixonou por ela, mesmo aqueles que não eram grandes fãs de country, incluindo eu mesmo.

Aqui Kacey dá uma outra dimensão ao género e ... read more
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I love Sabrina but she didn't give everything she could in this song, the verses don't have a smooth transitions to the pre-chorus and chorus, that are the best parts of the song.
GersonAOTY -
She's coming to shake the music industry
GersonAOTY -
The anticipated fourth studio album "Star-Crossed" by artist Kacey Musgraves has finally arrived, an artist who has rocked the country music world with her distinctiveness and innovation. Her predecessor 'Golden Hour' won the big prestigious AOTY at the Grammys and was one of my favorite albums of the past decade, with extremely relatable lyrics and passionate melodies that perfectly match the singer. Consequently my expectations for this album were very high but unfortunately they ... read more
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Lorde decided to release an EP of 5 Solar Power tracks re-recorded in Māori (the language of native people of New Zealand, Lorde's homeland) titled "Te Ao Mārama". The EP features an art piece of Mount Taranaki as its cover art, as well as backing vocals from native Māori singers. All the proceeds from the album will be going to Māori charities.

I know many didn't like Lorde's latest album, but in my case the project has been a comfort in this late summer, giving me a chance to ... read more
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'Arcadia' makes an apology for the singer's debut single 'Video Games', with a classic instrumental and a grandiose melancholy. It's not the most surprising single so far of the album but in melodic terms it's the most consistent and the chorus will stay stuck in my head for a long time, demonstrating that Lana still knows how to build a fantastic ballad even if simplistic as in the days of 'Born To Die'
GersonAOTY -
I won't take a long time to write an elaborate text talking about this album, because even this is not (and I want to continue enjoying my Sometimes I Might Be Introverted).

The opening song 'Champagne Poetry' intrigued me, with an excellent production and an interesting flow I thought maybe this album wouldn't be as bad as I expected, even the track 'Papi's Home' was decent, but from then on everything fell apart. 'Girls want Girls' has one of the worst lyrics I've ever heard, "Starin' ... read more
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