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one of the most boundary pushing and truly spectacular groups of the 21st century, this trio have composed at once some of the most monstrously powerful and overwhelmingly chaos encompassed music out there, while also exploring avenues of true unbridled beauty and emotion, that none can ever match. and their tenacity to never repeat the same sound and always reinvent themselves constantly make diving into their work a joy, no matter the quality

so yep! this is going to be my attempt of ranking every single project ive heard from this legendary band, and will regularly update as i hear more/re-listen and reconsider my past stances. much like natural snow buildings, i have not heard much from the group, but i seek to change that as time progresses onward. hope you enjoy my thoughts on em!

Boris & Merzbow - Rock Dream
the culmination of everything boris was and could ever be, and tied alongside lift your skinny fists as my favorite album ever made, this is simply beyond parallel on all fronts. what this trio and noise legend merzbow conjured here cannot be done justice by words alone, if anything here is a must listen it's this project right here. genuinely masterful
Boris - Flood
an embodiment to aqueous death and despair, lulling incantations of rain piling and piling into crashing waves of ruinous chaos sought only to ravage the landscape and converge into oneself a cacophonous maelstrom of devastation and apocalypse. slip into the depths, and be consumed in the waves of noise ever after. my favorite concept album of all time sans the winter ray, and an absolute masterclass in what this band can achieve
Boris - Dronevil -Final-
you know, it TRULY shocks me that in the boris canon, i seldom see anyone ever mention this album among the litany of their other works. and that utterly depresses me, because this is every bit as worth mentioning as their most known works. as if you coalesced the droning progression of flood, the chaotic explosive fury of feedbacker, and noise so primal it could fit onto merzbow's "venereology". one of their best, easily
Boris - Pink
perhaps their most well known output alongside feedbacker, and for good reason. pink is nasty, it's primal, filthy, and all around just a savage affair, and it both knows that and simply revels in that pummeling energy. a whirling blitz of shorter stoner metal ragers that fucking RIP through the ears contrast sharply against more winding passages of progressed devastation akin to their usual drone metal/sludge metal sound. a clear highlight from their ever expansive career
Boris - Boris at Last -Feedbacker-
while i still absolutely adore what boris achieved with feedbacker and see it as a masterpiece in tension, drone, and release, it has always piqued my curiosity as to why so many laud this project as the crown jewel in their entire discography. i do understand it after all, it's utterly baffling how they captured such real vivid anguish and beauty in this one piece alone. i guess it just never hit me the way albums like pink and flood do
Boris with Michio Kurihara - Rainbow
probably the most underrated release from boris. i seldom ever see anyone mention this when speaking of the highlights in the boris canon, and it deserves the love and attention of pieces like feedbacker or akuma no uta. it's insane psychedelic fun, and michio kurihara's indelibly beautiful guitar playing is the perfect accessory to the trio's madness
Boris - Performing "flood"
hearing flood II and flood III this blitzing and whirling in syncopation and blooded bones in this live incarnation of their legendary "flood", is so simply powerful it's hard to even fathom how they recaptured the magic of the studio in this setting. while i feel completely cutting flood I and IV hurts this more than helps, the peaks are still death defying. plus that 4 minute noise intro was pretty fucking cool
Boris - NO
definitely not the best project boris have dropped, it lacks the more emotional depth of pieces like flood and feedbacker and also lacks the sheer depth of utter abhorrence like on rock dream and dronevil -final-. but y'know what? it fucking slaps all the same. the crust punk influence and almost black metal like incantations at point makes this a constantly thrilling release of pure fucking energy. boris still prove that they got it with this one, and that makes me happy more than anything
Boris - Akuma No Uta
essentially serving as a precursor to the stoner metal sound of winding chaos that they would perfect on pink, akuma no uta unfortunately doesn't feel as important to the boris catalog as albums that came both before and after. but much like the case of NO, this album still rips so goddamn hard and is such a fun listen it's hard to even care. still an energetic listen all the while
Keiji Haino With Boris - Black: Implication Flooding
while it does not live up to the exact hype of a collaboration as you'd might expect, it's still an incredibly enjoyable showcase of how two powerhouses within the japanese underground clash and conjure their wickedness to those who bear witness. keiji's flame licking agony meets boris' slow heat death of the world, and its a trial by fire that's great to witness
Boris - New Album
maybe their most controversial album, this sees them completely abandoning any metal or sludge sound to instead embracing j-rock and shoegaze, sounding cleaner and poppier than ever before, and y'know what? i fucking dig it! it's definitely one of their weakest projects, but it's so much fun as a listen and provides such a good take on this sound while still retaining the feel of boris, that i just love it. plus every time wata sings it's adorable, her voice is cute
Boris & Sunn O))) - Altar
honestly don't really get the hype of this one too much. it's cool and all for the novelty of two drone metal legends working side by side, and there are definite pieces that go absolutely hard as hell. but when it comes to the achievements made by both boris and by sunn O))), this is a lacking showcase of their talents. both have achieved better, solo and in collaborative efforts
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