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Rico Nasty - Nightmare Vacation
Dec 4, 2020 (updated Dec 8, 2020)
Well, here it is, after numerous mixtapes, Rico Nasty finally delivered her debut album. Now, Rico is someone who always held a lot of potential purely because of how energetic, animated and aggressive her deliveries and lyrics usually are, so her eccentricity is enough to make her music worthwhile.

With the singles to this album, I was a little worried, since the songs aside from 'IPHONE' and 'OHFR?' were hit or miss, and well, the album's got it's flaws. Right off the bat, we're not really starting out strong, I'm still not a fan 'Don't Like Me' at all and 'Check Me Out' is a very short and mild piano trap banger, but Rico carries a lot of the tracks that aren't impressive instrumentally with her loud, in your face and mean delivery.

From there, the LP picks up in momentum with some great overblown bangers like 'Let It Out' and 'Girl Scouts', Rico's aggressive, animated and mean here, which is a really good thing, the 2 minute length of these tracks isn't too much of an issue too, since they give you just enough energy and grit before ending. Some of the tracks on here are absolutely brutal, just like '10Fo' or 'OHFR?' where Rico is angry, confident, others - more groovy and poppy, they're often not as impactful or interesting, but I do want to mention that 'Own It' has grown on me quite a bit now that I heard it in the tracklisting, it's clubby robotic grooves and fat bass really make it worthwhile .

The album ends with 'Smack A Bitch [Remix]', which is a really gruesome and banging remix, but I have no idea why you'd want ppcocaine to add a verse to the track, she does about as well as I'd expect, her verse is obnoxious and nonsensical, and while it's not good, in the psychotic context of the song, it kinda works. I love the cold booming beat, the performances on here are all quite solid and focused aside from pp, so cut her out and you got yourself a great song full of energetic female rappers going off.

Sooo, what can I say about this overall? It's pretty good, but this album definitely could've been better. Love the energy and conviction Rico brings most of the time, the beats hit hard, but it could've been cut down a bit to improve the overall quality.

Favourite Tracks: Candy, IPHONE, STFU, Girl Scouts, Let It Out, No Debate, Pussy Poppin, OHFR?, Own It, Smack A Bitch [Remix]
Least Favourite Track: Don't Like Me

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