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Drake - Scary Hours 2
Mar 5, 2021 (updated Mar 6, 2021)
Drake is someone who obviously needs no introduction, he's been one of the most popular rappers in the world for a long time now, and every time he releases something, it's going to do numbers no matter if it's good or not, but I've never been a huge fan of the guy's music, mostly because of how inconsistent, dragged out or just really generic and watered down his releases tend to be, but on 'Scary Hours 2' he makes an effort to make the EP very concise and straight to the point, and I can really appreciate that, he sounds hungry and quite focused on this new batch of tracks. While it's not all hit after hit, it's a pretty decent taster for what's to come on 'Certified Lover Boy' and features one of Drake's best songs in years, and since it's just three tracks, here are my thoughts on each one of em.

'What's Next' - First Drake did a collaboration with Playboi Carti, now he's shamelessly ripping off his instrumental style, and I just don't get what he's trying to accomplish on this song, the knock off Pierre beat is crappy, and Drake does his best to not say anything interesting or worthwhile, I guess some of the flows and bars are alright, but this is such a mess. 4/10

'Wants and Needs' - While this track is nothing special for Drake lyrically, at all, the dark and spacy swerving beat is pretty cool, and the verse he delivers here is fairly good, on the other hand, that chorus is quite weak, Drake sounds really nasally on it, and it just doesn't sound good, Lil Baby offers a surprisingly good performance, his voice is also pretty nasally and warbly, but it's his style at this point, and he builds up the intensity and aggression of his delivery as the verse progresses quite well. 7/10

'Lemon Pepper Freestyle' - Undeniably the best track on here, that moody instrumental with a looping voice sample in the background is lovely, Rick Ross' verse here is full of braggadocio and money talk, his confidence and growly delivery is what makes it so good, and Drake is on the same level, he brags even more than Ross and flexes his wealth, but also gets pretty personal and introspective in this elongated verse, it's one of those detailed autobiographical moments for Drake, and his delivery sounds great over this beat, not much to complain about here, it's a great song, in my view, it's probably one of his best songs in years. 8/10

Cover Art - 40/100 wOw those two teal dots look amazing! But seriously, that's the whole cover art for this EP? I mean, this is just boring, easily one of Drizzy's most uninteresting covers, and the font of "SCARY HOURS" is barely readable.

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