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Liturgy - 93696
Oct 9

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Godspeed You! Black Emperor - Lift Your Skinny Fists Like Antennas to Heaven
Greetings, everyone on AOTY, and welcome to a new series I am currently still working on. Today I am mainly searching for albums that are praised. Albums that are highly loved and recommended to be some of the best albums of all time. I'm on a quest for the top 100 best albums of all time, according to you users on AOTY, and seeing if I agree that they deserve it or not. I'm on...
The Quest For The Best

My 2023 albums thingy is still continuing, and trust me I still got a lot to go through in ... read more

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Peter Gabriel - i/o
38, I'm not doing it.
...Guys, I have nothing to talk about here...
Ugh, fine. But guys, I'm only going to keep this review as entertaining AS PETER GABRIEL KEPT ME IN MID-FUCKING-NIGHT with this album. Yeah, I listened to this when midnight dropped because that would be when this album came along... yeah I made a wrong choice... just no full-scripted review, uh, 10th album by Peter Gabriel, whatever I used to start with back then; I don't care. He didn't give me anything to discuss, so ... read more
Black Sabbath - Paranoid
This thing will get out of the top 100 by the time I finish this review; I already know it. Well, I guess I'll have to review this as quickly as possible.

Episode 10: Paranoid - Black Sabbath

Following the break-up of their previous band, Mythology, in 1968, guitarist Tony Iommi and drummer Bill Ward sought to form a heavy blues rock band in Aston, Birmingham. They enlisted bassist Geezer Butler and vocalist Ozzy Osbourne, who had played in a band called Rare Breed; Osbourne had placed an ... read more

bl4ck m4rket c4rt - Today I Laid Down

What started as a user suggestion for BTIM was one of the best things I've listened to this year. The mixing of shoegaze and rock in this one is done perfectly. The gu tar work, bass work, drumming, and even the vocals on this EP are lovely. I like the moment when it finally breaks down and goes hard in songs like No Food and Alive, Always, as it feels like I'm floating on air and relaxing. For a 17-year-old, I wouldn't have expected something near-perfect like this. It's just a ... read more

Dying Fetus - Make Them Beg for Death
Dying Fetus... I never saw that happening.

I have heard a lot about this band before. Why haven't I listened to them until now? Because I'm Gabriel, that's why. T-T. So I wanted to get into this band whenever I heard everyone and their father talking about them. So I immediately walked into this album with a big excitement inside me... and then I walked out of it feeling let down. I'm sorry, guys, but this album is... pretty bland. Please don't pull out your pitchforks or flaming torch; just ... read more


HI GUYS! Just gonna let you know that I will be making an end of the year list for my favorite and least favorite albums next week. As far as late december releases go. I might still review them if I get the chance, but I won't really include them on the list if they are good or bad.
Based pfp. Here’s some 2023 metal recommendations for you: …So Unknown by Jesus Piece, Not Through Blood by Pain of Truth, Symptoms of Survival by Dying Wish, Make Them Beg For Death by Dying Fetus, The Gray In Between by Jeromes Dream, Common Suffering by Harms Way, and fromjoy by fromjoy
ur completely okay! the list alr came out but thank you for the submission. i meant an album that changed you as a person, if u have nothing, that's okay!
hey!! im doing my third community list in celebration of the upcoming holiday seasons, i would like to make a list by asking the community a question!!

what is one album that changed your life, and why?

thank you!! the list will go live next monday :)
Hi ggollihue,

At 400 followers, I wanted to end a series of community lists that I've compiled this year as a trilogy. The last two community list focused on song lyrics and emotional responses from other users. Currently, I wanted to look more on production for the last one. With that being said, I wanted to ask you an important question: What is your go-to banger (something you listen to be in a positive headspace)?
Metalcore is a genre i wanted to get into but didn't know where to start, thanks!
hi ggollihue! I noticed that im close to 200 followers on here and since i saw you do this kinda stuff (even asked me for the 200 one iirc!) so i wondered why not do it? So, what album should i listen to to celebrate 200 followers?
i'm a simple bitch, i see shgurr, i follow


15 years old
Birthday: September 9th
Mostly into rock, metal, alternative rock, indie, metalcore, and everything else in those specific genres. I'll be taking any requests for 2023 metal albums. So, what are you waiting for? REQUEST >W<

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