The Story So Far - The Story So Far
Feb 1, 2020
From what I can tell, most fans consider this self-titled third album to be the weakest of the bunch. I thought I agreed, but upon giving it another listen, it's actually now my favourite.

With songs like Heavy Gloom and Nerve already being the best this band has put out, I just expected the rest to be mediocre and underwhelming. I was pleasantly surprised, as there really wasn't a poor track besides maybe Scowl. In fact, after Nerve the entire album kind of falls apart a little bit. Phantom is a nice listen but doesn't really do much. The final song is also ear-wormy, but the hook is the only memorable part. The final three tracks leave a bit to be desired, but it doesn't detract from the highs of the album.

I also expected Nerve to be my favourite on here, but it was Heavy Gloom that took the cake for me. The guitar is so repetitive, but it never becomes tiresome. It's honestly just such a jam, it sounds so damn good and drives the entire song. Nerve is still one of their better songs, but I guess it's one of those things where you hype it up so much and then upon actually experiencing it again, you walk away instead going, "Yeah, it was fine."

The record is at its best from tracks 4-7. The songs here are incredibly good; it's a very consistent middle chunk. I don't remember liking Solo much on the first two listens, but it really grew on me this time and I love how it parallels with the next song Mock. The opening riff is like an extended and more fleshed out version of the prior song, and I just think it's really neat. How You Are was probably my favourite song on second listen, something about it feels so big. I don't know how to describe it, but it's like the entire song is a chorus. That probably makes no sense, but fuck it.

I wasn't expecting to enjoy this as much as I did, but it's, as of now, my favourite record they've put out. Top stuff.

Track list ratings:

Smile - 7/10
Heavy Gloom - 10/10
Distaste - 7/10
Solo - 8/10
Mock - 8/10
How You Are - 8/10
Nerve - 9/10
Phantom - 6/10
Scowl - 5/10
Stalemate - 6/10
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