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nishith - route103
Jun 19, 2022
route103 is the debut album from nishith that they've been slowly building towards for the past few years. While "out on my own" showed him really finding a comfortable spot for his voice, this project showcases them really finding a really great place musically overall. route103 is bursting at the seams with a chaotic sense of personality. I'm honestly struggling to pinpoint everything that I enjoy about this project, because it's all a massive improvement for nishith. This is the best production they've ever had, finally taking full advantage of their own production skills (as well as that of fellow artists and collaborators Wonder XO, Aviad, baredex & quedronol). Nearly every song has chaotic production that really shines throughout, sporting interesting structure and an incredibly powerful sound. While typically, I'm not really a fan of this sound, nishith just makes it click for me somehow, and I'm guessing at least part of it has to be how they have so much to say on this project. Lyrically, this is nishith at his most poignant and most personal, as well as their catchiest. The use of production to capitalize on some of the heaviest moments, especially on short of breath, is incredible. I'm genuinely shocked at how much I enjoy every aspect of this project. I expected an improvement from "out on my own" but holy shit. The outro made me tear up a bit. Bravo, man, you made me like hyperpop. Beyond excited to see where you go next musically.
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i keep coming back to this review and it makes my day everytime thank you
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