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Radiohead - OK Computer
your opinion which is of no consequence at all

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My 19-year-old self was at this show, front row dead center. Bonnie Prince Billy opened (mislabeled "Bonny" on the ticket). I remember being so overwhelmed by Storm that I almost tapped out and moved away from the stage but I held it together. Probably would be my #1 show all time (def in the top 5), especially since I had not experienced anything quite like this up until that point in my life... not to say I hadn't seen some amazing shows already, but nothing so ... read more
Bardo Pond - Dilate
Saw them when they toured this album, need to Relisten cause I remember liking this one
Godspeed You! Black Emperor - Luciferian Towers
Godspeed has been playing a few shows in NY and Canada over the past few days and if you check the setlists they have been playing THREE NEW SONGS at these shows!!!!! The songs have been nicknamed by fans; flowers, flames and feathers.

and a bootleg from the first show they played these songs!!!

Rumor is we will have a new album in the fall of 2024.

TV on the Radio - Dear Science
vinyl reissue

Grandaddy - Blu Wav
unrelated to this album (or perhaps it is relevant), but something I've been thinking about.

(as of 2.20.2024)

in the 2000's there are currently 1196 albums that have a user score of 80 or better. There are 22 albums that have a user score of 90 or better

in the 2010's there are currently 912 albums that have a user score of 80 or better. There are 8 albums that have a user score of 90 or better

And as we are closing out the first half of this decade we are looking at this....

In the ... read more


Thank you so much! I'll hopefully listen to some of these in the following days!
I know your a bit of an Elephant 6 fan, I've recently been looping a lot of the collectives tracks (notably ones from Symphony for Nomad & Black Foliage), and I was kind of just wondering if you knew any nice under appreciated albums from the collective?
Did you check the stats I left you on your 'Blu Wav' review? ;)
Yeah—I lived there most my life but I’m in NY now
Thank you. You too 🤝
nice pfp
Yeah, Cousin is a fantastic late-career effort from a band that has been consistently putting out solid releases. Hope people don't overlook it during AOTY discussions but I'd personally call it my AOTY.
Donaldson is a doucher yeah lol
Thank you for the suggestion sir. I will fix it right now. (I dont like Gerrit Cole thats why I had him so low)
Yep, when it comes to stuff I really don’t like it all gets lumped together


Music obsessed for 3 decades and counting.

🚨 only scoring from my vinyl collection 🚨

90+ are my all time favorites
80-89 are various degrees of love
79 and down are various degrees of like

79/80 is an important line of demarcation, as is 89/90.


Lots of reviews can be found at my original account, which I “retired” in Oct 2021. ⬇️

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