Mitski - The Land Is Inhospitable and So Are We
Sep 15, 2023 (updated Sep 17, 2023)
TikTok better stay away from this one!!!

Mitski, one of the most popular pop artists currently has come down and released a new album. Coming off the heels of her last album “Laurel Hell” going into a much more refreshing country pop and chamber pop aesthetic that is very pleasing to the ears.

Songs like “Heaven” and “Star” have these gorgeous violin strings and earthly synths that make these songs feel like they came from the heavens. With Mitski giving a very calming and beautiful performance that comes super silky off of the tongue of her bleeding charisma. And with the shining endings that feel super atmospheric and light weight. Making these some of the most pristine songs of the year.

And the production makes these songs really sell that beautiful earthly atmosphere that this pushes. With its silky and liquid feel, making the instrumentals either really pop, or slowly soothe you in the background. Only adding onto the ambitious mix of chamber pop and even a bit of country.

This is really captured in songs like “Bug Like an Angel” and “The Deal” that really hold on to those explosive moments that make these songs exciting. Whether that be the chorus of “The Deal” being really charismatic and bright. Or the parts of “Bug Like an Angel” that feel like a church choir, working even better with how quiet that song is. Really jumping out during those moments, making it way more effective. And the production just makes it that tad bit more smooth.

And with some of the shorter more instant songs, like “When Memories Snow” having these super quick and rewarding progressions that even with their short lengths. Still are almost just as exciting as some other songs on here. Then on the opposite side of the coin, you have tracks like “Buffalo Replaced” and “My Love Mine all Mine” with these hypnotic melodies and slow risers that make them exciting while not forcing too many things into each other. Keeping these songs simple and sweet and fitting the comfort Mitski is known to have within her songs.

And with Mitski’s heartfelt writing, it only makes the ethereal loveliness even better. With the feeling of loneliness captured really well in “The Frost”. And sometimes touching on alcoholic addiction on “Bug Like An Angel” with the writing being even more powerful with the previously mentioned choir, adding that commanding heavenly vocal range that Mitski already had.

And there are of course some love songs thrown into the mix. With “My Love Mine All Mine” being a love song about her hoping that her partner can feel her love even when she passes. Then the song “I’m Your Man” being a softly spoken and more melancholic song about Mitski's regrets of taking her relationship for granted when it leaves her. And it does really pull on your heartstrings with its all powerful climax.

The only thing I have a problem with is that some of these songs do go by way too fast. With there being like one verse before the ethereal climax, and then it's over. And it does make these songs feel a bit less powerful. But still, these were some of the prettiest and most beautiful songs I’ve heard all year :D

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