EDEN - no future
Feb 14, 2020
Been following Eden for a while, ever since he went by "The Eden Project", and sort of lost interest when he took on the persona of EDEN, and went with the stylistic cliche of all lower-case letters for titles. But every time his name gets mentioned, I remember songs like XO and Times Like These and hope to god I get something similar. I was skeptical of the fan-boys rushing in here with 100s, and sadly, the first five seconds of the album put a bad taste in my mouth.

I don't know what it is with the industry that seems to take artists like him and Jeremy Zucker, who have so much potential, and market and boil them down to something they're not. Either that, or I have a powerful "I knew them before they were popular" mindset. I don't think my doubt of the music industry is without reason, though. People get ruined like that. My debate is over if this is the music he would've made if he wasn't influenced by the industry.

Sorry for the rant that is mostly unrelated, I just get frustrated when someone with such a unique and versatile vocal range makes... boring music.

Unfortunately, that's all he has done for me ever since he changed his name. This project is no exception. That's not to say there are no highlights, "rushing" gives me that same grand, larger than life feeling as "Times Like These".
Feb 16, 2020
this review doesn't make any sense to me. When he switched to the name EDEN he wasn't under a label and still sounded like the Eden project. He even re-released eden project songs. This album's first song reminds me of his old music as well, and this album is way more interesting than vertigo for me. And eden said he wanted to Make vertigo since 2015, so I doubt it was a label forcing him to make these albums the way they were.
Feb 18, 2020
Maybe I'm looking back with rose-tinted glasses and his music just isn't really for me anymore.
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