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GreNewl -
aight so if my pfp didnt give it away I am a BIT biased fine, sure. but hear me out.

While I was a child in 2008 and didnt know what a foal was I can imagine after hearing unique, off the wall, dancy, melancholic mayhem on antidotes, this isnt really what a lot of foals fans were hoping for in their follow up release. Hell antidotes is one of my favourite albums, even the creepy ominous bsides and childish artwork of that era had something special about them that foals would never really visit ... read more

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GreNewl -
Why are yall acting as if they're improving this is as generic and overblown as their last 2 albums but with some slightly more personal lyrics that are somehow even more cringe than ID's usual
GreNewl -
I'm tired of pretending to enjoy this album when i just don't. I can see why it might come across as dreamy and psychedelic to some, but my god this this actually degrading to my ears. I just can't stand how it's mixed. The drums are tinny and provide nothing toward the soundscapes of many tracks (I'm especially looking at you, to here knows when.)
The cool shoegazey effects on the guitars become repetitive and unbearable by the 3rd track and EVERY time the next track plays, I'm grasped in by ... read more
GreNewl -
It's a shame that I doubt they'll ever top this album, but that's the trade off of having such limited tools i guess :/
GreNewl -
ear cum
GreNewl -


Jun 21, 2021
Lmao sounds like you had a good night, I'll add them to the list
May 18, 2021
Hey there! How are you? I'm making a list and I would like to know: what do you think is a perfect album to listen to in a certain city and which city would that be? Try and choose a city from your country or state/province. If you want to add some words on why you would choose that album, they will be welcome. Thank you!!
May 17, 2021
Hey ! I’m making a community list for the end of the world, and I would love for you to contribute.


“The surrounding buildings, in ruins. The remaining survivors, scrambling to find anything that remains. Fire flickers in the pitch-black, creating just a sliver of radiance. Miraculously, you find an old device that can play music. You can only play one album as the battery is nearly dead. Knowing that you have little time left, what is the one album that you choose to listen to as you watch the world crumble before your eyes?”

The album topic could discuss a disastrous time, its sound could fit the vibe of a post apocalyptic setting, or it could be one of your favorite albums that you would want to experience for the last time.

Please provide the artist, album, and an explanation as to why you chose that specific album.

Thank you for reading <3

Here’s the list:
Apr 16, 2021
Just commenting here before you become the next Fantano
Apr 11, 2021
whoa yannis from foals?
Apr 10, 2021
What is your favourite album to listen to when intoxicated (for a list)
Apr 5, 2021
Thanks for the follow! Really great page!
Mar 14, 2021
Great pick! I also enjoyed the new one from Weezer, I thought it was a fine record! I'd be surprised if you don't find something that you enjoy soon, it's been a slow start to the year but I feel like the AOTYs are still on their way and will pop up soon!
Mar 2, 2021
Hi friend! Thanks for the follow! Let’s connect, what would you consider your favorite album of this year so far? 😁
Feb 6, 2021
Thanks for following!!!!



I only really listen to releatively new indie rock, pop and some metal occasionally if I'm feeling angry or want something a bit challenging to play on the drums. So I won't review or rate something unless I feel like I've got a good enough grip of what the artist was going for to not have an unhealthy bias to it, either good or bad. Foals simp and proud.

99s are given to perfect singles :)

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