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For a band whose career spans for over 20 years so far, they always surprise for better or for worse with every release. Their last LP was a major change of sound, something that didn't hit that well with many listeners (including me), but with Horizons/East, Thrice seems to be at one of their highest points on their career, similar to their Vheissu era in my opinion. The tracklist manages to include older influences, from the experimental side of The Alchemy Index to the less adventurous ... read more

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Enigmatic, thrilling, soulful... The Angelic Process music has been one of my best music discoveries these past few years, and Coma Waering is just another reason why I love their sound. It's more raw and less shoegazy than WSWS, but in my opinion, it makes the atmosphere darker and more unique.
This is an interesting change of sound for Lil Ugly Mane, with dreamy and psychedelic atmospheres and a somewhat relatable but personal lyricism. Sometimes it sounds maybe too soothing and simple, but it's not a major issue. Also, I find the second half to be a lot better than the first one.
Literally sounds like most modern progressive metalcore records. A lot of technicality, some cleans, and of course, djent all over the place. There's almost no features that I can't find on albums from the same genre, except for some of the deathcore inspired moments (which in my opinion are the best stuff from this project), but at least I can give merit to both Andy and Nik for the production, which sounds polished and really professional for being a 2-man project. All that being said, it's ... read more
Rather than following up the "experimentation" from volume 2, the third collaborative effort between ZillaKami and SosMula sounds more like your standard trap metal project, with the occassional grunge inspired track. It's straightforward and predictable, and in my opinion, it's their worst album yet. But that doesn't mean it sounds bad, in fact, being more straightforward could help some people enjoy this album more than past projects.
Knocked Loose returns with the release of an animated film and an impressive EP that sounds like an improved version of their last record.


Sep 28, 2021
hi!! i just released a song; it’s on all platforms. i’d be so happy if you could listen to it and give it a quick review if possible. if you need a link, just let me know!
Sep 18, 2021
el hijo oculto de cecilio g
Sep 12, 2021
Hey Mate,
Just wondering if you were able to contribute to a list by @CamDoesMusic and @truthfulreviews based upon your 10 favourite 90's albums. This would work through you messaging myself a list from 1 being the best and 10th being the 10th best album you have listened to from the 90's. If you are able to contribute with a quote summarising the particular album as well that would be awesome! Your information delivered to us will be used to create a list named "AOTY Users Favourite 90's Albums".

Thank You So Much, Have a Great Day :)
Sep 2, 2021
Hey Mate,
I'm currently making a list compacted with AOTY user' top 10 worst albums and would love for you to contribute to that. The information if you decide to share will be used to create "The Average AOTY Users worst album" consisting of 50 albums. If you feel comfortable contributing please mention your top 10 worst albums in order from 1 being the worst and 10 being the 10th worst. It would also be highly appreciated if you are ok to give a few words why as well :)

Thank You So Much Have A Good Day!
Aug 25, 2021
yo grn new ghostemane ep dropped today
Jun 26, 2021
your mother is under the table
Jun 18, 2021
your mother is under the table
Jun 14, 2021
Hola xd
May 20, 2021
May 18, 2021
¿Me perdonarás? Si te fallé, te pido perdón de la única manera que abrirá las puertas de mi corazón para cuando decidas regresar. Como nunca habrá nadie que pueda llenar el vacío que dejaste en mí, has cambiado mi vida, me has hecho crecer. Es solo que no he sido igual por años. Un día es un siglo sin ti. Mi historia es que me he inventado para mostrarte que ya he cambiado lo que sucedió, rescatamos lo que nos unió, todos aprendemos de nuestros errores, solo te pido que me perdones ahora, pero quién iba a decirme lo difícil que era es vivir, solo quiero tu amistad y me desafías sin piedad. Tal vez quieras que muera con tu increíble frialdad. Por eso te pediré perdón porque te doy mucho y espero que me perdones por vivir sin miedos.


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