Converge & Chelsea Wolfe - Bloodmoon: I
Nov 19, 2021
Bloodmoon: I, as the name suggests, it's the first installment from a series of releases of the original Converge lineup with the addition of Chelsea Wolfe, Ben Chisholm, and Stephen Brodsky as additional members, where the band reaches familiar territories sound-wise while incorporating new influences onto the mix. The sound presented on this project could be compared to previous tracks such as Thousands of Miles Between Us, Eve, Precipice, or even Phoenix in Flight, but the inclusion of Chelsea Wolfe adds a new perspective to this already known formula, with an ethereal voice and a predominant gothic influence. The tracks where Converge plays more onto their hardcore roots are also great, and a proof that they haven't lost their touch while making metalcore/mathcore. There's not an actual weak moment here, but some sections are far more interesting than others. However, despite this, it's really consistent, and considering this is just the first part of the Bloodmoon series, I'm eager to see more of this collaboration.
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Jan 2, 2022
I agree with anything you've said in this review. I wasn't that crazy about the project like you but I think it's a solid project none the less.
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